Monday, June 14, 2010

Epic Relay: My Powerpuff Experience

Congratulations to Team Powerpuff Boys for bagging 2nd place in this race where the team was an  EPIC SUCCESS in this seemingly EPIC FAIL race contributed by its organizers, Extribe & Chris Sports.

I witnessed everyone in the team do their best in this race and I'm just so very proud to have been part of this team in the race. Thank you so much to my teammates, our star-studded support crew, supporters (esp. Tere, Jinoe, & Que for their donations)!

Here's my experience copied from the forum:

I was also the driver of Van 1 and I've been out of serious training for quite some time, so I assigned myself the team's easiest legs. 

Leg #5: Near Anvaya Cove entrance to Pawikan Center (~10K)

My leg started early afternoon with the full heat of the sun over my head. There weren't so many trees around and I wanted to stay on the side of the road going with the flow of traffic. My first 2.5K was at 4:20/km with the downhill portion as I wanted to catch up with the Timex runner who went ahead by about 5 minutes before me. Eventually, I had to slow down and walk at some portions after passing by Morong town proper. The heat was unbearable at that point. My support team (Roy, Eire, Beep, Mulder, & Brando) waited for me at the 6K point and were a bit worried. Upon seeing Pawikan center, I began to run at a faster pace again and sprinted in the last 100m. Happy that my hardest leg it was over. My Garmin pace was 6:04/km, finished in 1:01.

After that freakin' hot run with bro, Eire & Totoy (photo c/o Brando)

Leg #15: Bataan Nuclear Power Plant entrance to Pawikan Center (~4K)

This was between 10-11pm, if I'm not mistaken. After Brando's super finish going up to the entrance of the power plant, my job was to go downhill to Pawikan Center. As soon as I was given the go signal, I didn't waste any time to the pitch black road with a small LED light on my head. I didn't wait for the van to illuminate my path. Within my 1st km, I was running fast in the dark and it reminded me of Blairwitch Project as most of the scenes were in total darkness with only a camera spotlight showing the way. I admit, it WAS scary, but I didn't care since I wanted to focus on running. This was probably the easiest leg in the race because it was 90% downhill and I think I did it with a constant 4:30/km pace. I also decided not to wear my Garmin this time so that I could focus more. My sprint to the finish was a mixture of relief and anger (at another team). I won't elaborate.

Leg #25: San Felipe, Zambales to Mayo Farm (~3K)

This was already between 7-8am, with the sun up and the whole team facing sleep deprivation. The leg was just a flat 3km so I said to myself I should also run fast non-stop. Before my leg started, I was really very sleepy already since I was awake all the time to light the path of my teammates during their legs. As with my 1st 2 legs, I sprinted the last 200m with anger, but was more happy since the whole team was there to cheer me on at the last vehicle exchange point. No Garmin also. I think my pace there was 4:30/km or a bit faster.

After going through this race, I said to myself that I won't go into an ultramarathon. :P hahaha Main lesson: need for heat training.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Epic Relay: Two Days to Go...

What you're going to miss if you didn't register....

Experience an epic adventure!

·         Run your  leg assignments! Our start and finish line is the Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic!
·         All finishers bring home a medal!
·         All finishers bring home loot!
·         Champions bring home the Team Trophy!
·         Champions bring home PRIZES!
·         All participants ( official team line up) are invited to the AFTER RACE PARTY for  the Awarding Rites and buffet!  Concert by JAM 88.3!

PhilAm Life will insure each and every one of you running the course from June 12 to 13!

Special Prizes Await All the Teams :
·         Best in Team Uniform
·         Best in Vehicle Dress Up
·         Best Team Name
·         Rudy Project will award 10 sunglasses to the most TECHNICALLY COOL team.  This team is functional, whose abilities have made them dynamic as a team, innovative, and they never lose their "cool".
·         ZEN Health magazine will award  to the Best Spirited Team, who, despite not winning, remain in their best spirits and proud to compete as a team: 10 gift packs which includes wellness products and magazines.
·         Ponstan Bilis Sakto Team  will award winners for the Categories: All Men, All Women, Mixed, Ultra
·         Pharmaton: Most Valuable Player Award
·         Scholl will award the team that exudes “GREAT FEET FEELING”. Despite the challenge, distance and impact on their feet, this team has shown a happy disposition all throughout. That’s 10 special gift packs with various Scholl products.
·         Salonpas will  award the team that exemplifies resilience to pain. This team outperformed the others by showing them that no aches or pain can keep them from winning. That’s 10 special gift packs with Salonpas products and premium items
·         Blistex will be awarding the team that can flash us the best smile before, during and after the relay. Like Blistex properties, this team kept themselves well hydrated and protected from harsh elements such as the sun  and chilling breeze at night. This is why this team can manage to give us the best smile. That’s 10 special gift packs with different variants and a premium item.

Our sponsors would like you to have: (get these by team check in)
·         100 Plus and Summit Water for additional hydration
·         Hammer Nutrition

Other great things happening at the grounds:
·         Sampling  by our sponsors
·         Free! Shower anytime by Head & Shoulders and Safeguard
·         Free! Lip pampering by Blistex
·         Free! Foot spa by Scholl
·         Free! Massage by Salonpas
·         Free! Shoe Cleaning by Clean Shine Master
·         Free! Surfing by PLDT ( Speedster Bus)

Shop! Shop! Shop!
·         EPIC RELAY Race Merchs!! T shirts (Php 360), Cateye Slap Wraps (Php 120)***
·         Apparel, sports accessories, sunglasses, Smart load, cold drinks and more!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Team Powerpuff Boys Singlet

Good luck to Team Powerpuff Boys & support for the Chris Sports Epic Relay 250. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adidas Katipunan Sale 40% Off

Saw this last Saturday... a lot of running & cleat shoes (for Ultimate players). :)