Wednesday, October 14, 2009


sweeney todd is finally here! :D check out click the city for schedules!

one of my few favorite musicals is making its debut here in manila by november and i'm raring to get my ticket today at robinsons galleria! i reserved them at ticketworld a couple of days ago.

if you haven't watched the movie, with johnny depp as the demon barber of fleet street, you just gotta! when i saw it in movie theaters last year (or was it 2 years ago?), i didn't expect it to be a musical. :P and then the first few lines struck me! :D it entertained me from start to finish.

haha ...and a trivia bit i just found out this week is that it was sacha baron cohen (aka borat) who played adolfo pirelli in the movie. i loved the 'adolfo pirelli' song, it was even my phone ringtone for quite some time.

anyway, i'd definitely see this even in the absence of hollywood stars. curious to find out how this would compare to the movie.

very, very looking forward to it! :D

this picture from the movie tells us what the story is all about

one of my favorite scenes in the movie :D

Sunday, October 4, 2009


tomorrow will be the first time i'm visiting india...also the first time i'm feeling a bit 'different' about this trip after hearing a lot of stories/adventures from my colleagues. i'm just keeping my expectations to such level.

to be honest, i do love indian food at new bombay, swagat, & indian by nature. :D yummy chicken tikka masala & naan!

...we'll see. hopefully, i'll be posting my learnings from my short stay there.

this is the video i remembered when i found out that i had to go there for work. :) sooooo funny!! :P one of the segments from conan o'brien. enjoy! :D

india call center