Tuesday, September 29, 2009



sharing a nice screensaver from runner's world showing scenic views to fit your running mood with inspiring quotes from notable runners.

if you just wanna show to everyone at home or at work how addicted you are to running... :P

spreading happy thoughts :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


this post was borne from a recently concluded 21k race that apparently had all garmin users wondering why it was only less than 18k. the organizer had a valid reason, so it's history now.


my first 21k will be at the QCIM, followed by another 21k the following week, the Adidas KOTR. i'm more serious about QCIM as a timing chip has been provided for accuracy. accuracy! given this, i'd want an accurate course for my benchmark PR.

i tinkered with running ahead just to see how far i might actually go for these 2 races. this would also help me during the actual run in case distance markers wouldn't be provided.

surprisingly, here's what i mapped out based on the routes provided by both organizers...

QCIM - October 18, 2009

QCIM 21k route as mapped
23.74km ?!? i didn't even include yet the run inside the UP-Ayala Land technopark, so it might be nearly 25km in the actual race.

Adidas KOTR - October 25, 2009

KOTR 21k route as mapped
huh? 19.1km? this time, it's less than 21k.

it's either running ahead does a lousy job of calculating or...i dunno. what do you think?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


the bad news. :(

the condition of my mizuno wave creation 8 is deteriorating. :( these have been used (abused) for less than 5 months, when i started running, with a total mileage of 340km only.

the wear on the outer portion of the right heel is so prominent that you could already see the red material coming out. it's supposed to be black all throughout that portion. this goes to show that i REALLY supinate. :P

heel of the right shoe...notice that the left has some red rubber showing already :(

side view of the same heel at the right side - rubber thickness still acceptable but then...

...the left side barely has any rubber already. :(

anyway, they've given me pain-free running from the 1st time i've used them so...i feel bad i have to retire that pair soon. i'll still try to use these as long-run trainers.

the good news. :D

NEW SHOES! i got a pair of mizuno wave precision 9 (the 10 version isn't available anywhere yet) at mizuno BHS. woohoo! it's green pa, and eire says it looks like a pair of newtons, not just any other plain looking white-with-another-color shoe.

before i finally decided on this one, i was torn between the wave rider 12 & this one, primarily because of the cushioning provided by the rider as advertised. given my big frame, most running geeks might say that i need shoes with good cushioning.

anyway, so i tried the wave rider 12 and i found out that it's narrower than either the creation or the precision. even without socks, i could feel the shoe squeezing my small toes. :P when i tried the precision, it fit really well and yeah, it IS much lighter. however, i'll be careful as this one has much less cushioning that i enjoyed in the creation. so there... :D

i'll take an easy run tomorrow to try them out, and then use them during the 5K mini race this thursday at the mizuno running clinic. :) after that...woohoo! 10K NB power race, here i come! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

_out_of_your_running_routine _with_mizuno

if you are:

- a runner who wants to get out of your running routine while having a lot of other newbie/experienced runners there to motivate you

- curious on how fast you can go for half a km after doing 6km...or simply help you gauge yourself on running

- fond of freebies or discounts on running! :P

...the mizuno run club is for you! :D

here are some photos that i grabbed from the running ninja during our 2nd session last thursday night.

listening to coach ige for the night's program

drills, drills, drills :)

takbo.ph photo-ops after the session...with marvin rae, kenkoy runner timmy, nuttybunny marvin

takbo.ph class pic...had to settle for this one coz the regular banner wasn't there :)

with running diva and jai of mizuno

our session had (for intermediate runners):

Warmup - 2.5km
3 rounds - 3.75km
1 short run - 724m @ 5:12/km
1 short run - 370m @ 4:54/km
Cooldown - 1.25km

there's also a program for new runners, so don't worry. :)

got a 15% discount coupon already! :D woohoo! can't wait for the other goodies in the next sessions!

if you're still interested you can go there this thursday, 7pm at mizuno store, bonifacio high street. remember, it's NOT only for runners who use mizuno running shoes...it's free for all (though the catch is that only mizuno shoe owners get more goodies than the non-mizuno peeps...sounds fair)! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


as i was going through web health articles for runners, i came up this super, anti-health gourmet in the works by kfc. i found it soooooo yummy, so i'm posting this in my blog for future reference...in case i suddenly want to ditch my diet. :P

look at that nice photo of the burger & check the link below... :)


KFC's New Double Down Chicken Sandwich is Frightening | Diets in Review Blog

KFC's New Double Down Chicken Sandwich is Frightening | Diets in Review Blog

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Friday, September 11, 2009


i'm so glad my first pair of running shoes is a mizuno. :)

joined the 1st session of the 3rd mizuno run club last night at bonifacio high street and, i must say, it's a fun way to improve your running skills while getting free drinks & other cool freebies.

the club is actually a 12-session training clinic to be held every thursday starting last night (sept. 10) from 7-8:30pm, with the meeting point in front of the mizuno store at bhs. i saw between 30-40 participants there, and i heard it was probably the biggest mizuno group to date.

we started with a 2-round warmup around bhs, which is about 2.5km (others can run around the short loop if they want to, which goes around the street that divides bhs, for a total of 1.7km). did 6 or 7 different kinds of drills, with the 'genuflect' kind of drill really killing my thigh muscles. :P afterwards, time trial for 3 loops around bhs again, followed by a 1-loop cooldown. that's 7.5km total for me! :D

WARMUP = 1.25km
TIME TRIAL = 3.75km @ 5:51/km
COOLDOWN = 1.25km

by the way, it's not exclusive for mizuno runners. non-mizuno shoe owners can also join, but the only catch is that they don't get the extra gatorade after the session & the coupon with exciting freebies.

here's the coupon with the 1st visit validated for the 15% discount. check out the other freebies on succeeding sessions! :D

with this, i might get myself a new pair of mizuno's soon! :) woohoo! still torn between the wave creation 10 & wave rider 12 though, but i'll figure it out. my current pair is a wave creation 8 that has given me pain-free running.

if you weren't able to join last night, you can still go there next thursday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


talking about the movie, not any other place here in the metro, i think district 9 deserves good blog reviews, with this being just one of the many other posts by other bloggers.

why should you see it? it's not your usual alien flick. unlike starship troopers, knowing, and other films that involve out-of-this-world species, there's actually a good story underneath the semi-action, semi-drama district 9. it makes us think how good/bad we, as the human race, can really be when faced with a particular situation involving money, power, & self-preservation. the good display of special effects & animation is just a bonus.

rotten tomatoes also praised it with a 90% rating. not that their critics are always right, but i have to agree with this one.

a few thoughts that crossed my mind as i was watching it:

- the first scene made me say to myself, "uh oh! is this another cloverfield or blair witch kind of movie where the cameraman gets to be the movie cameraman?" it turns out to be the usual cinematography. :) whew!

- the main character reminded me of borat because of his accent and personality

- thank God they decided to film it OUTSIDE the US! :D somebody must have tipped the writer. :) ...or they really needed the nigerians.

- i would WANT to have a shirt with the logo below! :D ...not that i support it! :P

Thursday, September 3, 2009


once you get there, you'll instantly agree that what makes pagadian very unique are their tricycles that are built for the uphill & downhill streets of this port city in zamboanga del sur.

my first time in the western part of mindanao has brought me here before my afternoon flight back to manila via ozamiz city.

like i just said...

even the roofs are so slanted that the tricycle ID can be placed on them

the passenger in front is about the same level as the one sitting at the back of the motorcycle

passed the weight test! ...didn't tilt the trike :) the guy texting isn't even making an effort. i had a hard time getting on & off it, fyi.

different kinds of dried fish & squid are also very popular here...

although i settled for my favorite durian. :) this native variety had longer spikes and was super sweet. yummy!

this was literally gone in 60 seconds... :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


here right now in ipil, zamboanga sibugay for work. actually my first time in this part of mindanao. wanted to update my blog before retiring for the evening. took us 3 and a half hours to get here from ozamiz city--the nearest airport from this town.


there are times when it's better to shut up than speak your mind.

this is just one of the small things i've picked up during my first orienteering adventure that happened in maragondon, cavite. thoughts of complaining, ranting, and giving up crossed my mind but i decided to keep them to myself to prevent any negative atmosphere from affecting our team, 3 men & a hottie.

imagine going through sharp bamboo branches in an apparently non-existent trail and then going back because it led to nowhere.

think about going down to a steep & muddy slope just to find out that you're going the wrong way.

man, that just...makes you wanna cry out, "what the hell am i doing to myself?!?" :P

there were about 35 teams who participated in the 2nd MIT-MC orienteering competition and i think 14 control points that we had to find in order to finish it. a 1-minute interval between starts of each team was the rule. we started at 10:26am at the gym in front of maragondon city hall went past the hanging bridge for CP1 and then...there. that's when hell broke loose. CP2 was the turning point of the race because NO team could easily find it. that's 36 teams! eventually, of course, it was discovered. took our team 3 hours to find it. even ultrapat almost gave up, would you believe? :P my concern then was our hydration supply which was depleted a little after noon...with CP2 yet to be found.

we finished at around 5:30pm, which makes it a total of 7 hours in the wilderness for our team. i felt sorry for the takbo.ph peeps who decided to go DNF because of the arrangements made with the bus.

despite the ordeal that our team had to face--several scratches from treading through thick bushes, going down slippery mud slopes, crossing rivers waist-high (or even more), sheer FRUSTRATION from not being able to find a particular control point after 3 hours of searching, and not having drinking water in the afternoon heat, i would definitely want to go through the same experience again.

not so many pictures this time because we were too focused on the race... :P hehe

the takbo.ph delegation

team 3 men & a hottie. we unofficially finished 13th place. :) not bad for two 1st timers, i must say.

crossing one of the rivers (this one doesn't compare to the 2 other rivers that we had to face)

trophies at the finish. the only picture showing how messed up i was after the race. i missed the awarding because i had to get my car. congrats to cindy & gab for bagging 2nd runner up! :D