Tuesday, September 22, 2009


this post was borne from a recently concluded 21k race that apparently had all garmin users wondering why it was only less than 18k. the organizer had a valid reason, so it's history now.


my first 21k will be at the QCIM, followed by another 21k the following week, the Adidas KOTR. i'm more serious about QCIM as a timing chip has been provided for accuracy. accuracy! given this, i'd want an accurate course for my benchmark PR.

i tinkered with running ahead just to see how far i might actually go for these 2 races. this would also help me during the actual run in case distance markers wouldn't be provided.

surprisingly, here's what i mapped out based on the routes provided by both organizers...

QCIM - October 18, 2009

QCIM 21k route as mapped
23.74km ?!? i didn't even include yet the run inside the UP-Ayala Land technopark, so it might be nearly 25km in the actual race.

Adidas KOTR - October 25, 2009

KOTR 21k route as mapped
huh? 19.1km? this time, it's less than 21k.

it's either running ahead does a lousy job of calculating or...i dunno. what do you think?



dun nako sa sobra! woot woot! :) go QCIM!

roo said...

hey, didn't know you were planning to do 21K in the KOTR...please try not to push yourself too much naman, you might injure yourself :( good luck, though :) meow :)

trumanian said...

@timmy tama! :) better sobra than kulang! hehe

@roo i'll just do the KOTR in LSD pace, don't worry. :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

nice post! very informative!

Let Guieb said...

nag LSD kami last monday ni mister sa commonwealth, and we both think na sobra sa 21K yung route ng half marathon, mukha nga na 25K cya. kaya, dagdagan na lang natin training natin para sa half marathon natin. will you be at the NB? hope to see you there. :)

trumanian said...

@let hey, thanks for confirming it. :) this will be my 1st ever 21k so i was hoping the distance would be accurate. :( oh well...we'll see what happens.

yeah, i'll be at NB gunning for a sub-60 10K! *crossing my fingers & toes right now* :) see you there!

gerard said...

Hey! see you at NB and QCIM! goodluck on your sub60 target for 10k! a steady 5:30 pace will do it!

trumanian said...

thanks a lot, gerard. :) good luck on your goal too! :D