Friday, November 27, 2009


the 12th & last session of the weekly mizuno run club was one that we looked forward to because of the 5k relay race that they set up for the class, even if we (or i) didn't expect to win it--we were too intimidated by the kids. :P

of course, our team name had to be " #1" to show our support for the Filipino running community. our team has doc marvin, timmy, sam, and myself.

after a quick 1-round warm-up and the last barrage of drills c/o coach ige, the rules of the 5k relay were explained to the participants. it turned out that each runner had to bring a full bottle of gatorade during his turn and then drink all of it at the mizuno booth before the next runner can follow. :P

at the end of the race, surprisingly, team #1 bagged 2nd place!!! :D we beat the little monsters. :P

no prize or awarding or podium ceremony, but it was all good since we had real fun just by joining the race, with placing as a bonus.

lastly, runnerspeak conducted an interview with our team and...hahaha...yeah, we're probably expecting just 2 seconds (with super editing & cuts) because a lot of it was just us talking crazy. :P

i'm joining the mizuno run club again (repeater like timmy) next year! :)

here are the photos...thanks a lot to eire for this one & the moral support! ;)

last drills session (coach ige probably saying to himself, "sa wakas!" :P)

team #1 after winning 2nd place in the 5k relay! lucky intimid8? :P class pic w/o the banner

mizuno run club class pic :)

interview by runnerspeak! :) i wonder when this is going to be aired, if at all. :P

more pics here. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


get ready for some early Christmas shopping with Mizuno's Year-End Sale coming up next weekend--December 4 to 6--at their Magallanes branch! :D aside from running, great deals also abounding for golf, football, and baseball stuff.

up to 70% off!!!! :) hwaw!

see you there. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


hey, guys! just saw this poster displayed today at levi's store in megamall. apparently, this is going to start tomorrow but they already placed it there for everyone's info.

i asked the store clerk about it and...yes! could be any brand of jeans as long as they are still wearable since they will be donated to world vision. she's not yet sure if the P500 discount would apply to ALL pairs of levi's jeans or just the regular priced ones. they have yet to receive the official memo from their head office, she added. well, this one's for tomorrow anyway so we can't blame her. :) also, i don't know if this is for all levi's outlets or just in megamall.

and of course, this would be a blessing for those BLCers who are taking the contest seriously. :) ...or for those who have an old, over-sized pair of jeans hanging in the closet for ages, waiting for nothing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


i miss . . .

inasalicious chicken
corn muffins at kenny rogers
hopia at globake
kfc chicken
white bread
finetti choco hazelnut spread
muscovado sugar for brewed coffee
chewy cookies
corned beef with garlic & boiled baby potatoes (personal recipe)
joey pepperoni eat all you can pasta
siopao with lotsa sauce
mooncake with egg
pan chicken at pancake house
mcdo big breakfast
beef rendang
calda pizza (have yet to try it)
krispy kreme
dunkin donuts
brothers burger
french fries
hot rocks steak
rodic's tapsi with kamatis on the side
baby back ribs
fish n chips
hungarian sausage
crispy bacon
blueberry danish
smart aleck at breadtalk
buko pie
mojo potatoes at shakey's
max fried chicken
max caramel bar
pistachio ice cream
fish fillet lauriat at chowking
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Sunday, November 1, 2009


me at 200.8 lbs :D (photo courtesy of brando)

biggest loser season 1 ( edition) was officially launched last october 30 at TOSH along valero street in makati.

i weighed in at a heavy 200.8 lbs c/o the digital scale brought by rico. i was a bit disappointed since the last time i weighed in was before i went serious with running...about 5 months ago. back then, i was around 206 lbs, meaning i lost only about 5 lbs. in that span of running. i can only blame it on eating too much after a run as i do get very hungry then. :P

i didn't hesitate to join this new challenge as i really wanna lose weight. although i know it's not too healthy to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time--until december 13--this would help me find out for myself how far i can go when it comes to weight loss. :) should i go about losing x number of lbs? we'll see. :)