Monday, March 29, 2010

Team Probies: From Olats to Champs

From 0-3 last week to 3-0 yesterday.

Nobody expected us to win, even our own teammates conceded to the fact that there was not way Team Probies (Professional Newbies--I coined the name :) ) would be able to get that Boracay trip c/o Nestea Camp Hot.

Guess what...we did it! :) Hats off to our players who gave their all last Sunday to help us top this competition. Ang gagaling ninyo! :D

Photos c/o Grace Patdu & Rainier Valde.

Another happy thought! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Full Running Potential

Here in Isabela, my 3rd day out of town for work, but I'm finally going home tomorrow. Three reasons why I preferred to be in Manila this week:

1) Run! Not that I live to run, but I'm just really missing it already. I once attempted to continue my training here in Isabela, but after my night experience, I said to myself that I definitely cannot run here.

I'm also missing a lot of runs in my training program (given to me by Jon)... :(

2) Wednesday Mizuno press conference - missed it, plus Timmy had to text just to tell me that a lot of peeps won in their raffle. The lucky devils! Congrats anyway, guys! :) Galing!

3) Ultimate frisbee practice - Also on a Wednesday...I had wanted to join that practice with my new Ultimate team for our competition at the Nestea Camp Hot this Saturday. A lot of room for improvement for me. I wanna handle that disc! Go Pro-bies!!!! (Professional Newbies, dunno where I got that team name) Get a win, please! :P

Realization: With this kind of work that I'm doing (frequent travels), I can never reach my full running potential. Well, I can look at it this way...I don't intend to have running as a career and I'm sure I'd have other opportunities later on to improve my game... or rather, run. Also, without my work, I wouldn't have the chance to splurge with all the running stuff that I have right now, and even pay for increasing race registration fees.

It's a give and take thing, I guess. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Carbo-Loading Promo at Joey Pep

Before you head to the Mizuno Infinity Run: Race Day on April 11, 2010, visit Joey Pepperoni in Global City, Fort Bonifacio for Carbo-Loading.

Avail of Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria's special promo, valid to all registered participants of the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 on March 26 - 28, 2010.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How I Want to Be

This morning, I weighed in at 184.4 lbs. Not really surprising considering how I've been eating a lot in between meals. Even with running regularly, a balanced diet is critical.

With an ambitious target for the Milo Marathon coming on July 4, I'm now back to calorie counting starting today using Daily Burn. My target weight to maintain is 175 lbs. and I know that it would take a lifestyle change, not a regular, meticulous calorie-counting activity, for me to reach that long-term goal.

A few images that would constantly remind (and motivate) me about my target:

From April 2009 to February 2010, with December being my thinnest, largely because of the BLC.

Daily Burn weight chart showing I was 170 lbs. in December (with 166 lbs. as lightest), up to my current 184.4 lbs.

Good luck to me & to the BLC 2 participants! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mizuno Me Likey!

This post is an attempt to capture everything that I love about Mizuno running shoes with info bits from running peeps who I know are also drawn to this global sports brand. Of course, I couldn’t leave out the great things that Mizuno Philippines is doing to nurture the trend of running in the country—highlighted by its upcoming Mizuno Infinity Run—with the hopes of evolving the sport into a healthy lifestyle for Filipinos. 

Me and Me Mizunos 

When my big (US size 13), wide feet were introduced to running in April last year, I said to myself then that I already had my trusty pair of badminton, gum-sole shoes that I can use for the Greenfield City Run in Sta. Rosa. Back then, I didn't have an idea how I'd be able to finish 5km. Oh well, there's walking. Clocking in a super chillax 53:38, Eire and I would later find out that this would be the start of our addiction to running.

Letting myself get into running, what did I need next? Of course, REAL running shoes!

Less than a month later, I decided to shop for my very own pair of real running shoes. There were a number of brands, but I think I was eventually led to Mizuno because of a shoutbox discussion over at Aside from the other technologies and features of Mizuno running shoes, I was convinced with their Mizuno Wave technology that promotes both cushioning and stability in all of their models. Check out their site if you want to know more about it.

>> Wave Creation: Me First Pair

After going through the 'mirror gait determination device' (or whatever its real name is) in the Megamall outlet and finding out then that I had a normal to high arch, I ended up with buying a Wave Creation 8, which was on sale since it was an old model. The latest version then was Wave Creation 10. It was also ideal to support my 205-lbs. frame at the time I bought it.


During my running shoe research, I came upon a neat shoe matrix from the Mizuno USA running site showing the models of running shoes that they had categorized by gait and arranged from maximum cushioning down to minimalistic racing lightweights. For anyone planning to buy a pair of Mizunos, I’d definitely refer them to this link.

Matching each Mizuno neutral pair with another diagram that I found at Road Runner Sports:
Given this chart, Wave Creation would fall under NEUTRAL+ category, Wave Rider as NEUTRAL, and both the Wave Precision and Wave Ronin models in PERFORMANCE NEUTRAL.


Without any training and direction in running, I just decided to slowly build mileage with my running shoes. I said to myself, “Probably a 25km weekly mileage would be more than enough.” Long distance running wasn’t in my radar then.

Nine races later comprising of 5Ks and a few 10Ks, I was able to do a sub-30 in a 5K race and a 1:03 in 10K. The best thing about the Creation is its cushioning, which really makes running very enjoyable and comfy, considering also that I was a heavy runner. Other runners who I know like the Creation are Edu Fabian and Cyrus, who are both fast runners and active in I believe the three of us would agree that one minor downside of Creation is that it’s just really a heavy pair of shoes—13.1 oz. for a size 9. If you plan to improve your running speed, this pair might not be the one for you. The Creation would be great for long, smooth runs.

The latest Creation model that Mizuno launched during the Mizuno Infinity Run Expo last January was the Wave Creation 11, which is a full ounce lighter than the previous version at 12.9 oz (the Creation 10 was 13.9 oz.). I’m sure this big improvement was an answer to peeps who voiced out their main concern about this particular model.

>> Wave Rider: Skipped This One

After nearly 5 months of running with a over 300km in my belt, I had planned to get an 11.3-oz. Wave Rider 12 to complement or replace my Creation. I felt that I had to get a lighter shoe, but still wanted the good cushioning element.

However, I had to skip this one as it felt narrow when I tried it on at the shop. Hmmm…this shoe isn’t for me. A good friend of mine, Neil Barrios, who’s using the model is also bothered by its narrower fit. Jon Trimble, my coach who’s also a size 13 and with wide feet as well, has his feet comfortable with the Wave Rider 10. Probably, that older model would’ve been good for me as well.

I think the Wave Rider 13 is coming out real soon here in the Philippines and if I do decide to get a pair for long runs, I would give its 10.5 oz. weight a try.

>> Wave Precision: Currently Loving My 2 Pairs! :)

Getting the Wave Precision 9 in September was simply one of the best shopping decisions I’ve made! As a gift to myself after running 340km and right after the RotaRUN, Eire and I went straight to Mizuno to quench my thirst for a new running pair.

Running in this pair felt so good and despite having less cushioning, the lightweight quality helped me maintain a decent pace in long distance races up to 21K, capped with a 32K race in Baguio last December. In fact, I got my (current) 27:33 PR in 5K at the Mizuno Run Club mini-race the first time I raced the Precision, and then a 56:51 PR in 10K at Milo just in the second race wearing this new pair. Things started to fall in place for me and running.

First 21K at QCIM (wearing the Mizuno Infinity Run 2009 finisher shirt)

I was so happy with the performance of this shoe that I got a second pair a couple of months ago—the white and orange color this time. This was the pair I used in my first marathon at the Condura Run for Dolphins, where I clocked in 4:12 plus. Of course, it’s not entirely because of the shoe. My weight loss success and programmed tapering (c/o Jon) helped me exceed that sub-4:30 goal.

Other people I know who use the Precision 9 include Natz Garcia, Rico Villanueva, and Jinoe Gavan of

More happy thoughts and happy runs!

>> Wave Ronin: Next on My List!

After Condura, I now follow a regular training program prescribed to me by Jon, which is aimed for me to hit at least sub-4 hours in the next Milo Marathon scheduled on July 4. The first part is more of me building up speed and I have an ambitious goal for a 5K race slated this Sunday. I’ll let you know how this one goes.

I’ve been tempted to get a Wave Ronin 2, and I wouldn’t have any second thoughts if I was given the ‘opportunity’ to have my running feet in them. ;) This pair is also being recommended to me by my coach for 5K races and speed intervals. Jinoe Gavan and elite runner Chris Sabal also use this racer.

To spread the joy of Mizuno, I even gave a Wave Nirvana 5 to Eire last Christmas! :D Her name is Sunny.

Mizuno Infinity Run 2010: “Beat Your Own Time”

Aside from the Mizuno Run Club wowness that ended with a blast, the Mizuno Infinity Run is one of the biggest running events staged by Mizuno Philippines every year. Since 2008, about 10,000 runners have participated in this big race and what differentiates this from other annual races is that it is a time trial for you gunning a time against your own time in the previous Infinity Run—hence the theme, “Beat Your Own Time”.

The message alone is very much consistent with my current motivation to run faster than before and I find it very appealing. It’s just me against my running self.

If you joined last year’s Infinity Run and you want to know how much you’ve improved, this race is perfect for you. You can even win if you’re the runner with the most improved time versus your previous record! Even if you weren’t able to sign up last year, having this race in your list would still be a good decision as the previous one was organized successfully with a cool finisher shirt as a nice bonus. 

The packet for the 2010 race includes a special edition Mizuno Infinity bag, and each participant would also get a finisher shirt from Mizuno. And there's more!! Mizuno users and Mizuno Run Club members will also be given extra treats at the Mizuno Hospitality booth. Wow!

Customized Infinity Run medals and prize money will be awarded to the top finishers. They will also receive goodies including Mizuno running shoes and gift cheques, Suunto watches and heart rate monitors, Oakley merchandise, gift packs from Gatorade, NutriBar, Doctor J, and Derm Plus Sunblock.

  5K, 10K, 15K
  Open, Age, "Beat Your Own Time"

  April 11, 2010

  4:00am Check-in
  5:30am 15K Gunstart
  5:45am 10K Gunstart
  6:00am 5K Gunstart

  Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
  Starting Point: Federacion Drive (near NBC tent & the Fort Strip)

  5K, 10K: P400
  15K: P450
  (non-refundable, w/ P50 discount for 2009 Infinity Run participants)

  You get registered for FREE if you buy a Mizuno Wave Creation 11!

  OPEN CATEGORY: Cash prizes & Mizuno items
  AGE CATEGORY: Medals & Mizuno items
  "BEAT YOUR OWN TIME" CATEGORY: Mizuno items, Suunto watches, Oakley eyewear

  January 10 to April 4, 2010 at Mizuno outlets

1. Acknowledgment receipts are available upon request
2. Bring race # on the day of the race
4. Race will start at exactly 6am and 6:30am

For more information, just call 757-3160 loc 515 or email

The Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 is made possible by its sponsors Gatorade, Oakley, Suunto, Mail and More, NutriBar, and Manila Water. Other partners include Doctor J Alcohol, Beeline Helicopters, BMG Solar Hot Water Systems, and CITGO. RunnerSpeak, Run Radio, Men's Health, and Women's Health are the media partners for this big event.

Mizuno Lamang TVC

Finally, here’s a brief ad of Mizuno that Eire and I worked on just to show how much we love the brand and how we want everyone to join in the Mizuno Infinity Run this April. :) Hope you like it!

Happy running & see you at the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010! :D