Sunday, January 10, 2010

Excuses Lessen the Guilt

My visit to the Mizuno Infinity Run Expo this morning led me to buying my 3rd pair of Mizunos (and 4th pair of running shoes) in the last 8 months, after running for more than 1,000km.

The current pairs I have are the Mizuno Wave Creation 8 that I was still using even after a portion of the right sole was literally vanishing as seen in an old post. I also got a green Mizuno Wave Precision 9 last September that I really enjoyed for both tempo runs and races as it was much lighter than the Creation. I also have a New Balance 609 for trail running (or simply my shoes for dirty runs).

My 3rd Mizuno... here she is...

Wave Precision 9

Yup, another Precision 9! :) I'm happy with the shoe's performance, and this shoe helped me in getting my target PRs for short & long distance races. This new pair will be my "multi-purpose" shoe, for:
- Races
- Tempo/speedwork
- LSD runs
- other runs with
No more shifting to a different pair for training & races...well, except for trail runs wherein I would still use my NB. :)

Here are at least 5 excuses I had to lessen the guilt for buying another pair of shoes:

1.) Wave Creation 8 dying (or half-dead)



2.) Condura Run 42K - for my 1st full mary... hmmm... would I make another excuse after that full mary to get another pair? :P

3.) Birthday gift to my self - *ahem* :)

4.) Pre-need - preparation for the inevitable that my other Precision wouldn't last very long with my weekly run mileage :P

5.) I love running. :)


Anonymous said...

Bryan, the 3rd excuse is the most valid! So, (ehem), when is the blow-out going to be, sa Joey Pepperoni na ba? :-)


adik ka! :) wahahahaha
sayang di ka na nag antay, nanalo ka pa naman sa raffle! :)

the event was a success naman, most of the takbo delegates won something :) wahhahaha

actually you also won, pero hindi ka naman andun, kaya ayun, wahaha :)

truman said...

@rene hahaha i agree. the other excuses seem flimsy. :P hmmm... sa next long run ng team galloway siguro on the 17th. :)

@tim congrats! :D panalo ka rin daw ah! had to leave early for the break-in run. :P hehehe excited ako, 10am palang nandun na ako eh (baka maubusan). :P

roo :) said...

aww...damn! i was gonna get you that for your birthday! :P hahhh! sunnyroo meets sunnyboo :P

truman said...

@eire well... ummm... i would be needing a new pair eventually! :P hahaha

roo :) said...

you'll have to settle for a hallmark card :P

Hotlegs Runner said...

she's a beauty =)