Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jon's Prescribed 2-Week Taper Program for Condura

With the Condura Skyway Marathon less than 2 weeks away, I couldn't really decide how to taper...or if I really wanted to. I recalled that 2 days before the 30K Rizal Day Run, I did a 10km tempo run but in the race, I managed to hit my target finish time. I wonder if my finish there would've been better if I took a taper program seriously.

So I sent a note to Jon last night, who's now known in threads for giving advice on how to run faster and I chanced upon a particular thread. I first met him during our 2nd LSD run at Cardiac Hill where I believe the peeps were pressured to finish faster than usual because of him. I admit, I do admire his accomplishments in terms of finishing times, especially for 5K. 5K in 17 minutes!!!! :P

Jon with Gegie happy (and not tired) after finishing the 'easy' 19.5km Cardiac Hill LSD with us

This morning, I got a reply from him prescribing to me a taper program for my first marathon in Condura. I believe this is based on both my 2:51 finish time in Rizal Day and my 4:30 target in the marathon. Here it is:

   THURSDAY - 5K Tempo @ 5:30 pace with 2km WU & 2km CD
   FRIDAY - 8K Easy
   SUNDAY - 15K  Long Run @ 5:41 pace

   TUESDAY - 8K with varying distance accelerations at marathon pace
   WEDNESDAY - 6K Easy
   THURSDAY - 5K Easy
   SUNDAY - 42K Race Day!

He even sent me a link to a cool pace that I've been trying to find in the Net for a long time. Click this one...pace calculator.

I did the first prescribed exercise today instead of tomorrow at Ultra as soon as I left the office. Since I was there already, I also did the Dailymile 1-mile challenge and finished in 7 minutes flat!!! :) It should've been 2-3 seconds faster since I didn't place my Garmin in autolap, did it manually but I'm happy with my time already.

Here's my 1st exercise in the taper program as prescribed above (the THURSDAY):

   2km warmup @ 7:00 pace
   1.6km @ 4:20 pace
   3.4km @ 5:50 pace
   2km cooldown @ 5:54 pace
   TOTAL = 9km

I'll do the 8K easy tomorrow so I can relax on Friday for the Saturday SWAC 4. :)

I'll try to follow Jon's recommendation and, with the proper carbo loading & a little weight loss, I'll see if I can do a sub-4:30 in my first marathon.

Good luck to everyone running in Condura! :)


gerard said...


This will surely help! I don't know how to taper and this will surely put me in the right direction.


truman said...

Glad I could help, Gerard! By the way, Jon sent me a note when I posted this one.
"As for the tempo run you did today, I really wanted you to do 5k @5:30 pace. By this I mean to try to hit every kilometer at 5:30...The idea is to try to run a consistent pace throughout the tempo run....If you're feeling tired Sunday, and feel strained to complete the long run at the prescribed pace, there's no harm in cutting your run short.
Another caveat: It is much better to skip a run if you don't feel up to it, than to try to make up a workout that you missed. Never make up a missed workout!"

Anonymous said...

one day, someday, I'd love to train the way you all do train. I was trying to train for half marathon for the coolness of skyway condura run but I don't get to train as much or if I do, its not cooperating. Got to listen to the body (unfortunately)

Help me. Haha! i aim to train for 10/10/10 ;)

should really get a new sportsband or timex or a garmin already to track my runs. Mine just died on me :(

truman said...

Hey there! :)

Since I started running last May, I never followed a training program, just focused on building mileage. This is the first time I'm trying to abide by a 'taper' training program to find out if I'll fare better here than the 30K Rizay Day Run where I didn't taper. :)

Good luck on your half marathon and for what's happening on October 10!

Jon Trimble said...

Well Bryan,
You did it! Congratulations on your hard work and dedication to achieve your goal. What's next? A sub 3:50? How are you feeling the day after your marathon?