Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frisbee Fun at Nestea Camp Hot


I joined the Ultimate Frisbee clinic yesterday at the Nestea Fit Camp Hot in Fort Bonifacio, near BHS. We went there at 8:30am to register for the 9-11am session.

For P150, we got a small Rudy Project bag with a Nestea shirt (that we were supposed to wear during the clinic), a pseudo Road ID, sunblock, and a tumbler for your bottomless Nestea. It was definitely good value!

During the session, we were about 50-60 pax, but there were a lot of trainors to manage us well. We did basic backhand & forehand throws, a defense drill, and yes...we got to play! :) Our newbie team won despite not having a game plan while the other team took it too seriously. :P

Since we were bitin, I decided to go back there on the same day for the 3-5pm session with bro. This time, I was able to play for almost an hour. :D Super saya & I agree with Julie, it can be really addicting. I met a few regular players who meet every Monday in the Meralco open field. I plan to go there to see how I can improve my game.

Being the runner that I am, I asked our trainor..."I've been getting bruises on my hand from catching the frisbee...are these the common injuries in UF?" No, the common injuries are ACL & MCL. A big uh-oh me. :P

I've been inviting other peeps with a little warning that this sport isn't for you if you're really serious into running, coz of the lateral movements. However, if you're pasaway like me or if you just want to get a feel of Ultimate Frisbee, TARA NA! There are still 4 Saturday sessions starting on March 6.

I'm having fun here. Let's see where this rabbit hole goes... :)

Frisbee drills in the 3pm heat, with Serendra as backdrop
Bro learning the backhand
Me trying to pass to another teammate in a game
Me trying :P

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Should I, or shouldn't I?

Lomo #2: Nuvali

My 2nd batch of lomo shots were taken mostly during the TNF Thrill of the Trail in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This time, I used a Lomography Redscale film (ISO100) for my new 35mm Back. I love the sprockets on the photos, makes it more crude & unique.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Intersection of Pioneer & Reliance Streets, from my unit

Marvin & Z

"Nuvali, nuvali but you" - quote of Roselle

The rest are in my Multiply site. :)

In Isabela: Tama Ba Naman Yun?!?

After a happy 21K run at the Century Superbods last Sunday, my attention this week was mostly on work as I had to drive myself to Isabela on Tuesday and stay here until tomorrow, Friday.

How about my training program for Unilab?!?

As what coach Jon had suggested, if I do travel for work, the first thing I should pack are my running shoes. :P This I did. I brought my 2 pairs of Precisions and even wore my NB trail shoes just in case. With the new promo, I even brought my singlet if I had the chance to pose along a scenic route in Isabela just for a chance to get those odd-looking laces. :)

Anyway, just to rant about what happened during my trip and ATTEMPT to train...

  Tama ba naman yun?!? Pagkatapos magmaneho ng 350km, may gana ka pang tumakbo?

  Tama ba naman yun?!? Alas-9 na ng gabi tapos nagplano ka pang tumakbo? At hello! Tempo run pa ang balak!

  Tama ba naman yun?!? Dahil wala kang reflectorized na vest, akala mo makikita ka ng mga drayber sa yellow na I Am Ninoy running shirt mo?

  Tama ba naman yun?!? Sa makitid na national highway ka pa tatakbo, kung saan dumadaan mga 16 or 18-wheeler na truck na hahampas hangin sa 'yo pag dinaanan ka?

  Tama ba naman yun?!? Ang daming mga nakawala na aso kahit sa national highway?

  Tama ba naman yun?!? Tama bang sabayan ka ng baliw sa kabilang kalye malapit sa sanitarium? Makikipag-pace sa 'yo sa takbo at lakad?

I went back to my hotel (motel) as soon as I found out that a crazy, shirtless man was pacing with me on the other side of the road. Did less than 6km total...

Oh well, after that memorable run, I therefore conclude that Isabela is a 'no-run zone' for me... :P Can't wait to get back to Manila tomorrow to run. :) Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Great Running Quote

It is the illusion that we can go no faster that holds us back.

- Kenny Moore, American athlete and journalist

I think this is a simple but powerful message that any runner, who aims to run faster, should bear in mind.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My 1st Lomo Shots! :D

After nearly a month of waiting, I have FINALLY scanned the B&W lomo pics that I took in Corregidor when Eire & I visited the place.

I used my birthday gift Diana F+ Edelweiss version and black & white lomography 120mm film, ISO 100.

Here are a few of my favorites... :)

Check out everything at my Facebook photos.

I bought a 35mm back and redscale film. :) I got to use them after the TNF Thill of the Trail race. Excited to have them processed & printed!

I love lomo! :D

A Thrill of the Trail Indeed

The TNF Thrill of the Trail lived up to its name by offering the runners a very enjoyable route featuring easy & soft trails and river crossings that really kept the excitement flowing as ALL of the runners had to get their shoes wet for about 10 times along the route. And I'm only referring to the 11K route (I heard the 22K was tougher).

Kudos to the organizers for the well-organized race! I think it was the perfect Valentine's offering to runners who wanted to experience a light adventure to couples during the occasion. This is my first-ever trail race and I'm sure that this benchmark is very high for other future organizers to meet or beat. I think one factor

One minor setback was that a few runners got lost along the way. They were forced to backtrack as they wouldn't be considered as finishers if they didn't go throught the correct route. Hmmm... a misplaced or missing sign, perhaps. A second one, but I would consider as unavoidable, was the bottleneck that happened along the race when the runners were about to go down to the river on a steep incline. Safety first! :)

For those who weren't able to join this due to different reasons (nasaraduhan ng registration, busy, may ibang plano, etc.), sayang talaga! I'd be sure to register early for races where I really want to participate in, especially for trail runs since they happen much less often than road races.

Eire happy running on the soft trail near the start of the race.

Uh oh! Bottleneck for runners going down the steep incline by the river. Safety first!

Cozy in here with the trees. :)

Picture pace w/ Eire, Jai & Tin.

Not without the lively cheerers (w/ plastic bottles para authentic :P)

Poor you if you didn't plan to get your shoes wet.

I got mine wet for about 10 times (same for everyone else).

Happy in the water... :D

...not for them, I guess (removing pebbles in their socks & shoes...I didn't care about those in my own).

Goofing around.

With the finishers and photographer/kaladkarin peeps! :)

Other photos at my Facebook, at Jai's site, and at Mark's site. :) Thanks, dudes.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Morning Runs, Please?

"When you run in the morning, you gain time in a sense. It's like stretching 24 hours into 25. You may need to sleep less and get up earlier, but if you can get by that, running early seems to expand the day."
- Fred Lebow, founder of the New York City Marathon

It may be far from the best of quotes that I've received via e-mail from Runner's World, but it's probably one of the most relevant to my running lifestyle. :P

Most of my lone runs are usually done at night. After a long day at work and at least 2 hours after an early dinner, I either drive myself to BHS (or McKinley) and run up to McKinley Hill and back, or if I'm lazy to drive, I go for my 2nd option...running from my place at Pioneer Street to Ortigas Center and back.

Convenience would count as a good reason why I run in the dark, cool weather would be another (I hate heat training so running the BDM would be the least of my priorities...for now.), and of course, SLEEP. Ever since I moved from far-flung Marikina to Mandaluyong where I'm only 2km from work, I make the most out of it by sleeping really long--midnight to past 7am. I admit, I'm usually late... :P but I believe that work output is much more important than mere punctuality.

This post & the quote above would just serve as a reminder for me to TRY to do more morning runs than evening runs. (I hate using the word 'try'.) Focus on the thought..."if I do the runs first thing in the morning, I won't have to worry about them during the day." When Jon strongly advised me to do the runs in the morning, with less than a week to go before Condura, I said, 'okay, I'll chip in 1 or 2 morning runs before the marathon.' I did my last 2 easy runs in the morning and I felt refreshed as soon as I got to work (plus I was unexpectedly early at the office).

Lemme just list down a few reasons why morning runs are better...for my own good:

1. All (almost all would be technically correct) races are held in the morning. Save for Kenny's Open Urbanite Run last year, all races that were listed in were done in the morning. If I wanna improve my performance, I have to get used to getting my rhythm going at the start of the day.

2. Getting it over & done with. When something comes up during the day that prevents you from running on that evening, it sucks. Me & my cramming self. :P "If I just did that run when I woke up..."

3. More productive at work (?). This might be debatable, but if I do morning runs, I'd be finding myself at work earlier. Instead of just output, I'd be doing both output and punctuality. Like I said, this is for validation.

4. Can be cool, or cooler. Depending on what time you start running, of course. I think starting it at 6am would make you feel like it's 8pm because the sun hasn't really warmed up yet, plus there aren't so many cars on the road at that time.

Other reasons?

To 'good morning' runs. :) LSD @ Cardiac Hills on July 26, 2009

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Condura: I am Blessed.

My 1st marathon may be a big highlight in my running career, but after the feeling of elation, accomplishment, and cheerful vibes, I want to look back just to see how blessed I am right now with a lot of other things going on in the running community & in my life...

I am blessed for having REAL friends & REAL people around me. I still believe is full of good people, always ready to support and cheer for anyone who wants to achieve their running goals, whatever they may be.

Thank you, peeps.

A cheerful aid station. Thank you, Jinoe & co.

Thank you, Eire. :)

I am blessed for having someone push me on to the finish and didn't give up on me despite my stubbornness and severe pain from cramps on both legs towards the last 6km of the race when I almost got hit by a taxi at the intersection of Ayala & Buendia Ave (at 33km).

Thank you, Jon Trimble.

After having realized that there is at least 1 person in the running community who acts as a friend, but in reality, this person harbors such resentment towards me, I used this negative energy to motivate me even more and my thoughts of this person's immaturity fueled my run at one point in the race. However, I do not thank you.

Whatever I do in my life & whatever I achieve, it is for me to prove only to myself, and not to anybody else, that I can overcome such challenge.

As I do not know you personally & I never might even have the chance to, bear in mind that the next time I see you & smile at you, know that I am true and although I'm no 'elite', I will support you to whatever you want to achieve in running.


When I cried as soon as I crossed the finish line, those tears came from a mix of the pain from my cramps, the joy for finishing, and the appreciation of the people who supported me along the way.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

To "RunnerS"

Thanks a lot to Sam aka The Running Ninja for putting a bright light on the situation by working on this turned the issue into one of my happy thoughts. :)

Thanks also to the other peeps who responded objectively on this matter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team Powerpuff Boys!

When I first heard about the Epic Relay 250 coming up on June 12-13, I immediately had the urge to form a team of 10 so that we would have lotsa time to prepare. In consultation with UltraPat, we formed the lineup and then the name was originally Team Powerhouse. :P The name itself put a lot of pressure on Mark and I also thought that it's a name we wouldn't be able to live up to. 

With Jinoe making a FB comment and supported by other peeps, our team's name is now Team Powerpuff Boys!

1. Patrick Alcomendas
2. Bryan Rivera
3. Chris Iblan
4. Wilnar Iglesia
5. Dennis Ravanzo
6. Luis Arcangel
7. Mark Hernandez
8. Jixee Lagunda
9. Julius Giron
10. Graciano Santos
11. Ronald Declarador (reserve)

I'm definitely the slowest in the group and I'm so pressured right now to train for speed & endurance. I still have about 4 months to go. :)

Here's the base artwork that I'll be working on for our singlet/shirt!

I'm excited to design our singlet! :D hahaha

Here's a rough Photoshop artwork that I worked on during my lunch break...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My SWAC 4: 1% Skill, 99% Endurance

My first race for 2010 turned out to be SWAC 4 with me never having the chance to train or even experience competitive swimming since birth. :P Organized by Rico aka Sheerwill for peeps, this aquathlon has been going on since the middle of last year with those interested joining the group for swimming every Wednesday at the 50m-long Army Pool in Fort Bonifacio.

I was fortunate that the pool that we used was in Camp Aguinaldo and had only 25m. If it were double that, I'm definite that I would've finished much slower (thanks to the push-off at the pool ends.. :P hehe).

After 100m, I was already exhausted. I took a lot of standing (not walking) breaks just to catch my breath as I couldn't sync with my newbie stroke. 

I relied on 1% skill and 99% endurance to finish the swim leg. 

After 400m of swimming that felt like forever, I was thankful that it was the run part. 

My first few meters were like a major adjustment. My lungs felt like it had already ran more than 10km. :P I still managed not to walk in that short 3K run and finished in 31 minutes. Even if I was able to go past a few fast swimmers, I remember halimaw Wilnar overtaking me during that stretch. Oh, I wouldn't be able to pace with that monster. :P

The whole event was great. The people were fun, the suman was so yummy, and the photobongbong pictures was a nice bonus. :)

Can't wait for SWAC 5!

Here are a few captured moments:

SWAC 4 complete results:

600m 5k
Classic Swim Transition Run Total

1 Erick Guieb ____ 14:41:00 ____ 0:47:00 ____ 21:23:00 ____ 36:51:00
2 Jason dela Rama ____ 14:54:00 ____ 1:18:00 _ 21:29:00 _37:41:00
3 Vinci Carag  ____ 14:51:00 ____ 0:31:00 ____ 23:08:00 ____ 38:30:00
4 Ian Clemeno ____ 14:29:00 ____ 1:11:00 ____ 25:27:00 ____ 41:07:00
5 Deo Patalinghog _ 16:39:00 ____ 0:25:00 ____ 26:15:00 ____ 43:19:00
6 Marvin Opulencia _ 15:02:00 ____ 1:42:00 ____ 27:58:00 ____ 44:42:00
7 James Dulalia ____ 15:58:00 ____ 0:00:00 ____ 31:10:00 ____ 47:08:00
8 Girly Guiterrez ____ 17:50:00 ____ 1:49:00 ____ 28:05:00 ____ 47:44:00
9 Roselle ____ 22:34:00 ____ 0:00:00 ____ 25:19:00 ____ 47:53:00
10 Mark Hernandez ____ 23:02:00 ____ 1:49:00 ____ 25:02:00 ____ 49:53:00
11 Jan Blando ____ 20:09:00 ____ 2:15:00 ____ 28:23:00 ____ 50:47:00
12 Rico Villanueva ____ 16:50:00 ____ 1:07:00 ____ 33:09:00 ____ 51:06:00
13 Ross Cristal ____ 29:41:00 ____ 2:08:00 ____ 30:09:00 ____ 61:58:00
14 Vic Viola ____ 34:19:00 ____ 2:16:00 ____ 27:17:00 ____ 63:52:00
15 RJ Bumanglag ____ 18:42:00 ____ - ____ - ____ -
400m 3k
Lite Swim Transition Run Run

1 Al ____ 06:46:00 ____ 01:06:00 ____ 18:09:00 ____ 26:01:00
2 Emil Ancheta ____ 11:05:00 ____ 00:56:00 ____ 14:38:00 ____ 26:39:00
3 Sid Apolinario ____ 10:57:00 ____ 00:52:00 ____ 15:14:00 ____ 27:03:00
4 Pat Alcomendas _ 12:50:00 ____ 02:47:00 ____ 11:45:00 ____ 27:22:00
5 Wilnar Iglesia ____ 15:07:00 ____ 01:16:00 ____ 12:04:00 ____ 28:27:00

6 Bryan Rivera ____ 14:27:00 ____ 00:45:00 ____ 15:49:00 ____ 31:01:00
7 Topher Montaos _ 13:51:00 ____ 00:47:00 ____ 17:24:00 ____ 32:02:00
8 Rodel Cuaton ____ 16:15:00 ____ 00:38:00 ____ 16:08:00 ____ 33:01:00
9 Ronald Declarador _ 16:05:00 _ 00:00:00 ____ 17:02:00 ____ 33:07:00
10 Doc Art Virata ____ 15:51:00 ____ 01:42:00 ____ 16:32:00 ____ 34:05:00
11 Brando Losaria ____ 17:09:00 ____ 01:37:00 ____ 15:34:00 ____ 34:20:00
12 Julie Reyes ____ 13:57:00 ____ 00:51:00 ____ 20:06:00 ____ 34:54:00
13 Cess Duterte ____ 11:44:00 ____ 01:43:00 ____ 24:18:00 ____ 37:45:00
14 Eire Daproza ____ 15:57:00 ____ 00:49:00 ____ 23:47:00 ____ 40:33:00
15 Kyle ____ ____ 13:23:00 ____ 01:42:00 ____ 31:44:00 ____ 46:49:00
16 Jet Paiso ____ 20:41:00 ____ 03:17:00 ____ 22:52:00 ____ 46:50:00

Monday, February 1, 2010

2K BURST! - Fastest 2km in February

2km Virtual Race!

Following the 1-mile challenge set last month by one of my running idols, Natz, I just opened a new challenge for my fellow Daily Milers in this LINK good for the whole month of February. All you need to do is sign up at Daily Mile and log in your quickest 2km in either your training or even part of a race where you're joining in this month.

Here's the 1-miler challenge that I was referring to.

I thought 1km might be too short and more than 2km might be too long...for now. :)

Sali na! Wasakan na! :P hehe Good luck! :)