Friday, April 30, 2010

Epic Relay Registration Now Open!

Registration to the Chris Sports Epic Relay is now open! :D

Here are the following documents that I received from Arleen Lindo of Chris Sports:

   Registration Steps
   Registration Form A1 - Team Registration Form
   Registration Form A2 - Individual Registration Form
   Race Bible - showing rules and maps of the 30 legs! :D

For any questions, contact Chris Sports Epic Relay Help Desk at (02) 438-9021 or Chris Sports Marketing at (02) 788-2916.

Friday, April 23, 2010

San Mig Coffee: Different Coffee for Different Runners

C'mon! Go ahead! Have your fill of pork sisig at Congo Grill in El Pueblo. After all, you're a runner and there's a new brew in town to help you stay healthy (with of course, your usual dose of regular exercise & a balanced diet).

San Mig Coffee introduced 4 new variants of their popular branded instant coffee starting with:

1) San Mig Coffee Pro-Beauty
Just one sip and it'll make the person beside you go bonkers...right, GBM?

2) San Mig Coffee Pro-Fiber
For the serious eaters, I mean, bloggers like Roselle & Coach Poj.

3) San Mig Coffee Pro-Slim
How peeps are after running and...drinking hydration! Endorsed by Rod! :D

4) San Mig Coffee Pro-Power
To unleash the 'hyper' in you like Timmy! "Sarap ng food, da best things in life are truly libre!"

Ahem, serious na nga.


San Mig Coffee Bay Run Dash for Health 2010
May 23, 2010
San Miguel By The Bay, SM Mall of Asia Grounds
Assembly time: 5:00am

3K   -   P450   -   5:55am
5K   -   P450   -   5:50am
10K   -   P550   -   5:45am
15K   -   P550   -   5:30am

Registration sites:

Chris Sports outlets at Festival Mall, SM MOA, Glorietta, SM Annex, SM Megamall
ROX (May 5 to May 19 only)
Over the phone c/o WWWExpress at 795-1777 (press 2) or 852-7210

Singlet produced by Universidad (I like!)


Pwede bang makalimutan ang class pic (anti-GBM smile version)?!? More here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking it Easy & Slow: 1st Year of Running

April 19, 2009 - Greenfield City Run, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
A 'struggling' 5K in 53:38

April 18, 2010 - Earth Run, Fort Bonifacio
A painful 21K in 2:04

I've logged a total of 1,631km from exactly 1 year ago when my eyes, and feet, were opened to running. That includes easy runs, LSDs, races, trails, and a number of tempos/speedwork intervals. PRs that would show how I've learned a little already with much more room for improvement.

My last run at the Earth Run was supposed to be a 23km long run at 5:54/km based on my training, so I registered for the 21K and planned on going for an additional 2K right after the race.

I wore the Greenfield City Run singlet just to commemorate my running anniversary on my own with the run.

With peeps. Thanks to Carlo for the pic.

However, just before 3km, my left knee started to act up. It was a nagging pain on the outer side (ITBS?) and it would be more painful in uphills. I was ready to face DNF at that moment, but I tried. I tried my best. A few peeps saw me stop at different portions of the Kalayaan flyover and I was really touched when even Pat Concepcion (one of my running idols), showed his concern when he saw me stretching my knee. I carried on and followed him, getting more inspiration. I caught up with Sam and found out that even he had a problem with his ITB. I still managed to finish the race, but didn't run the additional 2km anymore because of the pain.

Two lessons I got from this experience:

1) Take it Easy...with my physical activities. Running & Ultimate isn't a good combination, so I'd rather take it easy with the latter. Play less, and just be happy with throws & drills for now.

2) Take it Slow. I still have the rest of my life to run, so I don't have to rush into training too much to make & break PRs. This is just 1 year out of much more to come. I'll be more patient.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mizuno Infinity Run: Winners all!

Photo c/o Ronnel Go in this album

What makes the Mizuno theme different from other races is the challenge for everyone to never settle, do better, run faster (100%), finish stronger, and be a winner.


If I were to think about the Mizuno Infinity Run after some time, I would recall a lot of winners in this year's race. Some hitting new PRs while others reaching their own goals. 

In no particular order...

Brando Losaria - first time to race 15K and finished strong with 1:12. I'm really inspired with this guy, who was also a big weight loser turned fast runner.

Marvin Opulencia - sub-24 in a 5K is definitely an amazing feat for this fellow Mizuno Run Club student (and now in Ultimate).

Carly Dizon - despite her sore quads from their Mt. Maculot hike, she still managed to hit 56 minutes...and bag the 4th Most Improved Award.

Vic Viola - cutting his previous 15K PR by 24 minutes in finishing 1:24! Wow, dude!

Jet Paiso - Mr. BLC 1st runner-up showing how both weight loss and training can improve speed. 5K in 28 minutes! :)

Pio Sugay - 2nd place in the Most Improved Award, 5K! 21 minutes from 40+ in 5K is hellish.

Julie Reyes - a goal of not walking during a 15K race is definitely not an easy task (I confess I even walked a bit during that race). Here's to you, hotlegs!

Jairuz Agang-ang - winner in his age category in 15K!

Eire Daproza - for her winning voice in the "Mizuno Lamang" ad...that eventually led to me winning in the Best Blog Award! :D

TEAM TAKBO.PH #1 in the Mizuno Run Club for sweeping the blog awards...

Timmy Kenkoy - Most Creative Blog Award. Most patient also in waiting for the awardees to be announced. Congrats, pre.

Sam Running Ninja - double Suunto watch winner! :P hahaha Most Informative Blog Award. Still a fast pace despite recently recovering from your injury.

...and, of course... - Biggest Delegation Award. I'm not surprised. Here's to the biggest Filipino Running Community! Big plaque plus P10,000 gift certificate.

I'm sure I missed a lot of other peeps who managed to beat their own times in this race. Feel free to share your winning moment. 

Congratulations to everyone who finished this race! More happy thoughts for everyone! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Torn between Running & Ultimate?

This long weekend's about to become a hectic one for me. I signed up for the QC Heads Up Ultimate Open and will be starting with the clinic this afternoon at the Ateneo HS field, 2-6pm.

On the other hand, I have a big race tomorrow with the Mizuno Infinity Run where I'll be aiming for 1:15 in 15K.

Running will always be my first love (in sports, I mean). What I can say is that "walang tsamba sa running" since you can't improve your game without putting any sacrifice in hard work through regular training. I confess I shifted from being a recreational runner to a serious/competitive one, and it really motivates me to run more frequently.

Ultimate for me would be a cross-training, pseudo-speedwork activity that I plan to continue--with utmost care--until I decide one day that I should let the young boys get all the fun. To have a good or winning team, it take a lot of players with skill and, of course, teamwork.

I'm still focused on my goal for the Milo Marathon on July 4, weight loss and progressive training included.

Good luck to everyone training for their own goals. Ika nga sa Mizuno, "Never Settle!"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Run, chillax, & StumbleUpon

Home body me.

StumbleUpon kept me company during the long holiday. It was a semi-productive weekend as I got a few tips on how to wake up early to run and had a geeky song playing in my mind during my thoughtless moments...about robot pirates. "Shake it like a sword with a dead guy on it!" :P

Lastly, a way to organize my cluttered desktop using this as my new wallpaper...

Never missed a training run from Tuesday to Friday...15K Easter Sunday...tomorrow...MORNING, not evening. :)

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Different Summer w/ Ultimate

Beach, bum, and run under the sun... if you want a different experience this summer, why not try this one? It starts on April 10, first come, first served. Includes a playing disc already so P600 is definitely good value.

Check out their Facebook page for registration details & updates.


As I'm joining this, my weekly schedule for April would now be running 5x a week, playing ultimate 2x a week, and resting 0x a week. :P Whew!