Saturday, April 3, 2010

Run, chillax, & StumbleUpon

Home body me.

StumbleUpon kept me company during the long holiday. It was a semi-productive weekend as I got a few tips on how to wake up early to run and had a geeky song playing in my mind during my thoughtless moments...about robot pirates. "Shake it like a sword with a dead guy on it!" :P

Lastly, a way to organize my cluttered desktop using this as my new wallpaper...

Never missed a training run from Tuesday to Friday...15K Easter Sunday...tomorrow...MORNING, not evening. :)

Happy Easter!


roo :) said...

glad you had a peaceful and serene holy week :)

truman said...

including the nice lunch at buon giorno with you. :D thanks!

roo :) said...

meow :) oh, by the way, i love your desktop :P it's very, uhh, neat :P's nice! :D where'd ya get that?

truman said...

i got it from