Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking it Easy & Slow: 1st Year of Running

April 19, 2009 - Greenfield City Run, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
A 'struggling' 5K in 53:38

April 18, 2010 - Earth Run, Fort Bonifacio
A painful 21K in 2:04

I've logged a total of 1,631km from exactly 1 year ago when my eyes, and feet, were opened to running. That includes easy runs, LSDs, races, trails, and a number of tempos/speedwork intervals. PRs that would show how I've learned a little already with much more room for improvement.

My last run at the Earth Run was supposed to be a 23km long run at 5:54/km based on my training, so I registered for the 21K and planned on going for an additional 2K right after the race.

I wore the Greenfield City Run singlet just to commemorate my running anniversary on my own with the run.

With peeps. Thanks to Carlo for the pic.

However, just before 3km, my left knee started to act up. It was a nagging pain on the outer side (ITBS?) and it would be more painful in uphills. I was ready to face DNF at that moment, but I tried. I tried my best. A few peeps saw me stop at different portions of the Kalayaan flyover and I was really touched when even Pat Concepcion (one of my running idols), showed his concern when he saw me stretching my knee. I carried on and followed him, getting more inspiration. I caught up with Sam and found out that even he had a problem with his ITB. I still managed to finish the race, but didn't run the additional 2km anymore because of the pain.

Two lessons I got from this experience:

1) Take it Easy...with my physical activities. Running & Ultimate isn't a good combination, so I'd rather take it easy with the latter. Play less, and just be happy with throws & drills for now.

2) Take it Slow. I still have the rest of my life to run, so I don't have to rush into training too much to make & break PRs. This is just 1 year out of much more to come. I'll be more patient.


Kenkoy Runner said...

tama! wag pilitin pagsamahin ang 2 fun stuff, kasi pag ganon, sobrang fun na! hahahaha :) pero seriously, running compliments ultimate, but ultimate does not compliment running :) choose one ba :)

sabi ng tuhod mo (via coach jon mo) to take a break, ayaw mo daw makinig kaya ayan, ITBS :(

get well soon! para in time for milo!

daytripper1021 said...

I agree. Recovery days are part of training so they need to be followed strictly according to your training plan.

Here's wishing u a speedy recovery.

Rod.Runn3r said...

congrats bry! take it easy.

di ata dapat partner ang running & ultimate. parang running and badminton, wrong combi.

recover well bro! may Milo marathon pa.

, said...

Hi thank you for the kind words. Your finishing time is still very good. Congratulations and you lost so much weight fantastic.
When i saw you stop at kalayaan to stretch out i encourage you to run because like Life we need each other’s help to reach our goals whether it be to finish the race or to have a PR. Running is an adventure and at the end of the day. If you use “running” to help others then you know you have won the Game they call life. Regards
Patrick Concepcion / runningshield

Hotlegs Runner said...

as much as we love the two. we must only prioritize one. And yes, running comes first =)

hope you feel better soon =)

Anonymous said...

Hope you're well and up and about now, Bry. See you at Greenfield!:-)

truman said...

@tim thanks, dude. get well din, parepareho tayong mga mizuno boyz na may ITBS. :P hehe

truman said...

@daytripper salamat! :) i should remember what you said. happy runs!

truman said...

@rod parang ganun na nga...bad mix. :( ang saya pa naman ng frisbee. :P thanks, pre.

truman said...

@pat thank you very much for sharing your insights on running. :) i'll keep that in mind whenever i run, either in training or in a race. life's good! :)

truman said...

@julie hey there! :) thanks. i'll have ultimate take the back seat nga. so addicting eh. :P

truman said...

@rene thank you, dude. :) my next race would be the men's health trail run on may 16. see you!

Gail said...

take it easy bry. hope you recover well :)

roo :) said...

i'm sure you'll do just fine...what with your prk coming up, ultimate will definitely have to take a back seat for a while...ako naman! hahahha!! :D (now, if i can only fix my sched...hmmm... :P)

Noelle De Guzman said...

learn from the mistakes of people who've combined running and Ultimate -- meron akong kilala wala nang cartilage ang right knee! I hope your knee feels better soon.

Keith said...

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