Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mizuno Infinity Run: Winners all!

Photo c/o Ronnel Go in this album

What makes the Mizuno theme different from other races is the challenge for everyone to never settle, do better, run faster (100%), finish stronger, and be a winner.


If I were to think about the Mizuno Infinity Run after some time, I would recall a lot of winners in this year's race. Some hitting new PRs while others reaching their own goals. 

In no particular order...

Brando Losaria - first time to race 15K and finished strong with 1:12. I'm really inspired with this guy, who was also a big weight loser turned fast runner.

Marvin Opulencia - sub-24 in a 5K is definitely an amazing feat for this fellow Mizuno Run Club student (and now in Ultimate).

Carly Dizon - despite her sore quads from their Mt. Maculot hike, she still managed to hit 56 minutes...and bag the 4th Most Improved Award.

Vic Viola - cutting his previous 15K PR by 24 minutes in finishing 1:24! Wow, dude!

Jet Paiso - Mr. BLC 1st runner-up showing how both weight loss and training can improve speed. 5K in 28 minutes! :)

Pio Sugay - 2nd place in the Most Improved Award, 5K! 21 minutes from 40+ in 5K is hellish.

Julie Reyes - a goal of not walking during a 15K race is definitely not an easy task (I confess I even walked a bit during that race). Here's to you, hotlegs!

Jairuz Agang-ang - winner in his age category in 15K!

Eire Daproza - for her winning voice in the "Mizuno Lamang" ad...that eventually led to me winning in the Best Blog Award! :D

TEAM TAKBO.PH #1 in the Mizuno Run Club for sweeping the blog awards...

Timmy Kenkoy - Most Creative Blog Award. Most patient also in waiting for the awardees to be announced. Congrats, pre.

Sam Running Ninja - double Suunto watch winner! :P hahaha Most Informative Blog Award. Still a fast pace despite recently recovering from your injury.

...and, of course... - Biggest Delegation Award. I'm not surprised. Here's to the biggest Filipino Running Community! Big plaque plus P10,000 gift certificate.

I'm sure I missed a lot of other peeps who managed to beat their own times in this race. Feel free to share your winning moment. 

Congratulations to everyone who finished this race! More happy thoughts for everyone! :)


roo :) said...

congrats to all! :D thanks for the oakleys :P

Anonymous said...

Very impressive performance from everyone! Congratulations! So kelan at saan ang celebration? :D

truman said...

@eire you deserved it! :D

truman said...

@dhenz baka may magyaya naman ng post-mizuno race just so everyone can get together! :P hehehe raffle na yang P10,000 GC!

Marvin said...

wow special mention din ako! hehehe... thanks bryan! ;) congrats to your 15K PR and blog grand prize! ;) congrats to all of! :D

Hotlegs Runner said...

Very nice post. Bry! Mizuno was really an event where goals were achieved. Thanks for the special mention. next goal is 18K w/o walk breaks hehe! *gulp*

truman said...

@marvin syempre! :) panalo ka rin eh! super 5K PR!

truman said...

@julie you deserved it naman eh! :) what you guys did were really outstanding and it showed your persistent efforts. mga modelo kayo!