Saturday, April 10, 2010

Torn between Running & Ultimate?

This long weekend's about to become a hectic one for me. I signed up for the QC Heads Up Ultimate Open and will be starting with the clinic this afternoon at the Ateneo HS field, 2-6pm.

On the other hand, I have a big race tomorrow with the Mizuno Infinity Run where I'll be aiming for 1:15 in 15K.

Running will always be my first love (in sports, I mean). What I can say is that "walang tsamba sa running" since you can't improve your game without putting any sacrifice in hard work through regular training. I confess I shifted from being a recreational runner to a serious/competitive one, and it really motivates me to run more frequently.

Ultimate for me would be a cross-training, pseudo-speedwork activity that I plan to continue--with utmost care--until I decide one day that I should let the young boys get all the fun. To have a good or winning team, it take a lot of players with skill and, of course, teamwork.

I'm still focused on my goal for the Milo Marathon on July 4, weight loss and progressive training included.

Good luck to everyone training for their own goals. Ika nga sa Mizuno, "Never Settle!"


roo :) said...

it's no question for me which i'd be choosing :) i like how dirty, rugged, competitive and fast paced ultimate is :) i must say i've gotten quite bored with road running. i don't compete well with myself, and considering how bad my endurance is, competing with others in running is definitely out of the question. running for me would be more of a cross-training for ultimate, rather than the other way around :) be careful, though, i've already had two injuries since i started ultimate, and being a serious runner, you had better be careful with ultimate, what with all the lateral movements, not to mention collisions :S nonetheless, good luck with both :)

Kenkoy Runner said...

it's actually a good combination, but i do believe, parang you have to choose which one to prioritize kasi nga as what since running can compliment ultimate, but i don't highly "recommend" of the opposite (kasi nga the injuries you would get in ultimate will limit your movements in running, pero the injuries you get naman in running can still let you play ultimate, diba? hehehehe)

good luck with your concerns!

sabi nga ni timmy: bahala ka mag isa mo! hahaha :) kung saan ka, sabi ni mizuno eh never settle, pero sabi ni manong guard, no id no entry, unless guest ka. hahaha

gerard said...

I feel the same way Bryan.

Ever since I got my bike and ever since I took swimming seriously, I've gotten less and less time to run. Not because I don't like it anymore but because biking or swimming is so much easier!

Running is still my first love though!

truman said...

@eire i know you'd choose ultimate over running! :D yep, i'll be careful with this one. :) thanks!

truman said...

@tim that's a good insight. priority. :) running is still my priority as i'm training for milo, but i'd still diversify with ultimate para di naman masyadong routine. :)

truman said...

@gerard actually, one reason why i don't want to get my own bike is that baka tamarin na ako tumakbo. :P you can go to much more places with cycling. :) good luck in your triathlon training!

Hotlegs Runner said...

I love both! But my priority is still running. I think I've devoted enough time to ultimate before, so maybe that explains it. Case in point, I joined the summer league. But I told my teammates I won't be able to play when I'm running a distance longer than 10K.

And you're right, it can be our x-taining/speedwork =)

truman said...

@julie yeah, eventually, i'll get over ultimate and just concentrate on running. :) while i still can, i'll enjoy both (while being careful)! :D