Saturday, August 29, 2009


haven't had the chance to run in the last 3 days since i had work in mindanao. i was feeling weak...and fat because of the tuna belly i gobbled up during my trip. my flight back to manila from gensan yesterday got me pondering on getting a garmin for my runs. and then it shifted to which model i should buy--the 305 or 405.

before touchdown at naia, i finally said to myself, "i'm getting a!" :P well, if it were possible. thought about the long weekend and i wanted to maximize it in the 1st few days. checked out and confirmed to buy it from jaywalker888. i requested (demanded) to get it that same night when i clicked BUY on the item. went all the way to qc just for it and closed the transaction at 9pm. went home, impatiently waited for it to charge, downloaded software while waiting, and there! :D

here's my 8k morning run using it for the first time!

i used to generate this map coz i still didn't have the right map in the garmin training center application.

a post in a thread mentioned that the garmin isn't a necessity, but a great tool for runners who want to be precise on their improvements in the sport. i agree completely.

i'll probably give it a month before i make a review. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009


i decided not to place a title that would give too much of a negative impression on yesterday's levi's fun run at bhs. after all, this blog is about happy thoughts. :) i almost forgot.

compared to other races i've joined, this one had the least number of participants, most likely because it was done on the same day as the botak paa-tibayan at UP. my estimate would be no more than 500 runners. given this one, they then decided to give the same gun start for the 1.5/3/5K races.

the happy ending here is that walker's run finished 2nd in the female division in the 1.5K race! woohoo! she got a medal & levi's jeans! also, i finally managed to conquer sub-30 in the 5K race. i timed myself at 29:03...still waiting for the official results. my next goal for now is to do 10K under an hour. a sub-25 for 5K can wait. :P

- preferred race for a PR, if you can record your own time
- sponsored drinks at the end of the race

- no big-display timer at the start/finish line
- took a looong time for them to award the winners (had time-recording issues)
- limited freebies (i didn't get any)
- no singlet for some runners -> would you believe until now they still haven't provided me a singlet coz they ran out of it? :P

my overall personal rating is 3 out of a 5. the robinson's fit & fun buddy run last july still tops my list.

patiently (?) waiting for the gun start

...and we're off! doc marvin braved the running mob.

near the finish line. "gotta make sub-30!"

small but chirpy / dailymile contingency

and there's the happy ending! :)


all photos c/o doc marvin. thanks a lot for being the 'photovendo' of the day and for waiting just to take a pic of the walker's run when she got her medal! :D

Thursday, August 20, 2009


tinkering with runningahead got me to create experimental 5K, 10K, & 15K routes from my place.

here's the 10K route passing through pioneer-ortigas center-kapitolyo. long weekend! :D if i wake up tomorrow morning before 6am, i'd most likely try this one.

if i don't talk about it, it means i opted to sleep instead. :P

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i really get a sudden rush of energy (what's actually left of it) when i'm within 200m from the finish line of a race. i even shout to the other walkers "push na! push!" considering that they would have to run just a wee bit more.

i gasp for air with less than 50m while keeping my crazy pace.

it's like i don't give a damn if i lose my breath or collapse once i reach the checkered flag saying to myself, "never mind if there's no water or anything after the finish, somebody will eventually help you when you collapse & lose your consciousness." :P

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i got myself a new starbucks 12-oz. tumbler last night after my bhs run, the one where you can change the design whenever you want.

i haven't actually printed any new design, but i fiddled with photoshop to come up with 4 rough studies.

study #1. title: community. although the faces can be seen clearly, the blow-up of 1 photo seemed too simple.

study #2. title: class pictures. always the post-race ritual. :)

study #3. title: i am ultrapat.

study #4. title: why do i run? photo taken at bhs during a night run with a little drizzle & the clear moon.

my personal favorites are the 3rd & 4th ones. i'll try to figure out what i really want for my coffee tumbler. :)

in case you're interested, go get yourself one! :D

-> starbucks has a page with printable designs here.

-> on the other hand, if you prefer to create your own design using photoshop, a template can be found here.

Monday, August 17, 2009


by now, a lot of bloggers might have already talked about the kenny rogers open urbanite run (or KOUR) last saturday night.

my 12 learnings from this experience:

1.) out of the 7 races i've joined this year, i would consider the robinson's fit & fun buddy run as the best race i've participated in. this was organized by xtribe last july. i'd give that one a 5 out of 5 while this one minus 1 or 1 & a half stars.

why? they had very convenient registration points, a reasonable price, a good route, a lot of water stations, AND drinks & goodies right at the finish line. kudos to xtribe for the fit & fun buddy run!

with this, i'm expecting a good event come the new balance power race next month, on september 27.

2.) registering early doesn't guarantee a smooth flow in getting your race kit. a number of irate runners expressing their thoughts at would attest to this. however...

3.) is still better to register early for a race. at least 3 weeks before the race or the registration deadline. there has been a constant reminder sent out in an article. you would have better chances of having a stress-free time in getting your kit, and you can later on put all the blame on the organizer if they fumble. :P

4.) technology or innovation in a race isn't enough. organizing it effectively makes it complete. see #2.

5.) be ready to run again right after you reach the finish line if you're thirsty...this time to look for a water station. an alternative would be not pushing too hard near the finish if you know that water will be a scarcity after you cross the finish line.

6.) not seeing the road that well can affect your pace...or my pace, at least, because you'd be careful not to have your foot land on an uneven surface.

7.) to line up for a loot bag may be too much for some runners who've just finished a long & hilly race.

8.) morning runs are here to stay because of (1) the traffic situation, (2) morning people, and (3) the ever-growing trend of running.

9.) mckinley hills as a race route is not my ideal route for a PR, but the challenge is a great experience.

10.) class or individual picture-taking will remain to be a key activity for peeps after races.

11.) if you're looking forward to race pictures of you posted in FB, multiply, or in any other blog site and fail to find one, try not to be DNF in the next race. DNF being Did Not Ficture. :P

12.) glow in the dark, shmow in the dark :P

Thursday, August 13, 2009


...or keeping yourself physically active, to avoid early mental deterioration. :)

i got this e-mail from my boss this morning and i find it too good to be just tucked in my inbox.



Most of us start worrying about dementia after retirement - and that may be too little, too late.  Experts say that if you really want to ward off dementia, you need to start taking care of your brain in your 30s and 40s - or even earlier.
"More and more research is suggesting that lifestyle is very important to your brain's health," says Dr. Paul Nussbaum, a neuropsychologist and an adjunct associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  "If you want to live a long, healthy life, then many of us need to start as early as we can."

So what can you do to beef up your brain - and possibly ward off dementia?  Nussbaum, who recently gave a speech on the topic for the Winter Park ( Fla. ) Health Foundation, offers 20 tips that may help.

1. Join clubs or organizations that need volunteers. If you start volunteering now, you won't feel lost and unneeded after you retire.

2. Develop a hobby or two. Hobbies help you develop a robust brain because you're trying something new and complex.

3. Practice writing with your nondominant hand several minutes everyday. This will exercise the opposite side of your brain and fire up those neurons.

4. Take dance lessons. In a study of nearly 500 people, dancing was the only regular physical activity associated with a significant decrease in the incidence of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.  The people who danced three or four times a week showed 76 percent less incidence of dementia than those who danced only once a week or not at all.

'pamela dance lessons with argo, anyone?'

5. Need a hobby? Start gardening.  Researchers in New Zealand found that, of 1,000 people, those who gardened regularly were less likely to suffer from dementia!  Not only does gardening reduce stress, but gardeners use their brains to plan gardens; they use visual and spatial reasoning to lay out a garden.

6. Buy a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps a day.  Walking daily can reduce the risk of dementia because cardiovascular health is important to maintain blood flow to the brain.

7. Read and write daily. Reading stimulates a wide variety of brain areas that process and store information.  Likewise, writing (not copying) stimulates many areas of the brain as well.

8. Start knitting. Using both hands works both sides of your brain.  And it's a stress reducer.

9. Learn a new language. Whether it's a foreign language or sign language,you are working your brain by making it go back and forth between one language and the other.  A researcher in England found that being bilingual seemed to delay symptoms of Alzheimer's disease for four years.  And some research suggests that the earlier a child learns sign language, the higher his IQ - and people with high IQs are less likely to have dementia. So start them early.

10. Play board games such as Scrabble and Monopoly.  Not only are you taxing your brain, you're socializing too.  Playing solo games, such as solitaire or online computer brain games can be helpful, but Nussbaum prefers games that encourage you to socialize too.

11. Take classes throughout your lifetime.  Learning produces structural and chemical changes in the brain, and education appears to help people live longer.  Brain researchers have found that people with advanced degrees live longer - and if they do have Alzheimer's, it often becomes apparent only in the very later stages of the disease.

12. Listen to classical music.  A growing volume of research suggests that music may hard wire the brain, building links between the two hemispheres. Any kind of music may work, but there's some research that shows positive effects for classical music, though researchers don't understand why.

13. Learn a musical instrument. It may be harder than it was when you were a kid, but you'll be developing a dormant part of your brain.

14. Travel. When you travel (whether it's to a distant vacation spot or on a different route across town), you're forcing your brain to navigate a new and complex environment.  A study of London taxi drivers found experienced drivers had larger brains because they have to store lots of information about locations and how to navigate there.

15. Pray. Daily prayer appears to help your immune system.  And people who attend a formal worship service regularly live longer and report happier, healthier lives.

16. Learn to meditate.  It's important for your brain that you learn to shut out the stresses of everyday life.

17. Get enough sleep. Studies have shown a link between interrupted sleep and dementia.

18. Eat more foods containing omega-3 fatty acids: Salmon, sardines, tuna, ocean trout, mackerel or herring, plus walnuts (which are higher in omega 3s than salmon) and flaxseed. Flaxseed oil, cod liver oil and walnut oil are good sources too.

19. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables mop up some of the damage caused by free radicals, one of the leading killers of brain cells.

20. Eat at least one meal a day with family and friends.  You'll slow down, socialize, and research shows you'll eat healthier food than if you ate alone or on the go.


hey, there goes another reason to keep on writing too. :) my blog has a more meaningful purpose after all, at least for myself.

Monday, August 10, 2009


as a fellow Filipino motorist, i understand how drivers would want to avoid heavy traffic during the morning & evening rush hours. yes, yes, it's traffic everywhere but this one is going to be extra special.

this saturday evening, please avoid plowing through the fort. i don't know how the organizers managed to close these roads for runners participating in the urbanite run, but they did a hell of a job with the routes. i was expecting loops within the fort near bhs, but nooooo...they decided to take over bayani road & mckinley park. :)

this is the 10k map that i'm 2nd 10k and i'm ambitiously aiming for a sub-60 despite lack of training. hey, they say it's better to undertrain than overtrain...we'll see.

if you wanna check out the other routes, click on

like i said, please avoid driving through the fort on saturday unless you're a glutton for heavy traffic. :P

good luck to all the racers! :)

Friday, August 7, 2009


saw this from another runner's blog (RunningShield) and i couldn't stop myself from reposting it! :P thanks, patrick.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


had a good early morning run today with the mandaluyong group run for cory. a little above 10k according to mccoy, and according to google earth daw. slow short distance (SSD), he says. we started at 7-11 at boni avenue corner EDSA, going thru boni to the rotonda, down to kalentong, back to shaw boulevard, right at pioneer street and back again to boni ave. all from 5:20am to 7:00am.

present were mccoy, jaycee, ro ann, alan, loren, doc eire (all the way from tagaytay), and me--7 total. we were a very small group compared to those in qc & makati, but it was still worth the short sleep.

j.p. rizal avenue

a heavy downpour midway added to the fun. :) used my phone for the pics, and i'm glad i didn't bring a camera.

shaw boulevard (with the rain)

the uphill at the shaw boulevard flyover with the rain & wind felt great. (naunahan daw ni doc eire si mccoy dito) :)

back at home & wondering if we'll join the 6pm run later in makati...hmmmm... :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


just to eliminate any sleepless nights (for myself?) over the adidas promo, this is what was explained to me by a store clerk over at the adidas store in megamall this afternoon.

as it turns out you get a discount regardless if your running shoe is heavier or lighter than the adiZero shoe corresponding to your shoe size, not necessarily 265 grams.

the ad alone is misleading. anyway, go avail the promo & grab an adidas if you want one! :)

thanks to adidas megamall for the enlightenment. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009


my first ever food review... :) i recall going through a thread in about vegan restos (c/o rj) and i'd just like to take the liberty of promoting one that's close to my place...and my tummy.

i'm not a vegan, but i'm somehow trying to limit pork & beef consumption as part of my diet. that means good burgers is a very good option for me. :) you can choose between chicken or vegan burger patty, white or wheat bread, and then other stuff that goes along with burgers like persian thingie or bacon & cheese or garlicy goodness.

i just have the best (biggest) 'just burger' vegan, wheat, with lettuce/tomato/onion.

P85 - the best 'just burger'
P15 - the lettuce/tomato/onion
P5 - the wheat bread option
priceless - a hearty dinner! :D

that's P105 total! not bad for a heavy, yummy treat after a nice run (oops, is this going to be about running again? hehe)!

i didn't make a criteria for food, but i'd give this a 4 out of 5! :) perfect if they had more tables & seats...but they have a lot of deliveries anyway, so...there.

aside from kapitilyo in pasig, they have 3 more branches--one along maginhawa street in sikatuna village, qc, second along annapolis cor ortigas ave in greenhills, and other along e. rodriguez in front of sm hypermart & tiendesitas. open from 10am-10pm, 7 days a week.

as this isn't a paid advertisement (i did this out of my appreciation & willingness to share the good news), pics of the menu aren't included. :P

this post is for the EATR (timmy)! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


...that didn't quite make the grade.

on the lighter side...killing time on an early sunday evening, waiting for 'wanted' to be shown on hbo at 9pm. photoshop practice time. :)

with the ever-growing popularity of running and specialty stores dedicated to cater to the pleasures--i mean, needs--of runners out there, one might wonder what other specialty stores where brainstormed before one of the popular ones came out. :)

i've a lot of other sports in mind, but this'll do for now. :) ano pa ba?

hi to orange julius. :) do i get a free newtons this time?