Monday, August 24, 2009


i decided not to place a title that would give too much of a negative impression on yesterday's levi's fun run at bhs. after all, this blog is about happy thoughts. :) i almost forgot.

compared to other races i've joined, this one had the least number of participants, most likely because it was done on the same day as the botak paa-tibayan at UP. my estimate would be no more than 500 runners. given this one, they then decided to give the same gun start for the 1.5/3/5K races.

the happy ending here is that walker's run finished 2nd in the female division in the 1.5K race! woohoo! she got a medal & levi's jeans! also, i finally managed to conquer sub-30 in the 5K race. i timed myself at 29:03...still waiting for the official results. my next goal for now is to do 10K under an hour. a sub-25 for 5K can wait. :P

- preferred race for a PR, if you can record your own time
- sponsored drinks at the end of the race

- no big-display timer at the start/finish line
- took a looong time for them to award the winners (had time-recording issues)
- limited freebies (i didn't get any)
- no singlet for some runners -> would you believe until now they still haven't provided me a singlet coz they ran out of it? :P

my overall personal rating is 3 out of a 5. the robinson's fit & fun buddy run last july still tops my list.

patiently (?) waiting for the gun start

...and we're off! doc marvin braved the running mob.

near the finish line. "gotta make sub-30!"

small but chirpy / dailymile contingency

and there's the happy ending! :)


all photos c/o doc marvin. thanks a lot for being the 'photovendo' of the day and for waiting just to take a pic of the walker's run when she got her medal! :D


walker's run said...

meow :) thanks :) appreciate this :) meowsy! :D nice choice of photos...i was afraid you'll post my bungisngis pic :P yikes! :D

gailcons said...

congrats eire!!! all that training really paid off! bryan, nice pic of your sprinting towards the finish line. congrats on your new PR :)

trumanian said...

@eire thanks! :) wanted to be sure you get mileage for your podium finish!

@gail thanks! i'll make it my new FB profile pic. :)

Gingerbreadman said...

Congrats on your PR Bri wonderful! And Doc iris got a podium? Woaaaaah :P Wohoo!

trumanian said...

thanks, luis. :)