Monday, August 17, 2009


by now, a lot of bloggers might have already talked about the kenny rogers open urbanite run (or KOUR) last saturday night.

my 12 learnings from this experience:

1.) out of the 7 races i've joined this year, i would consider the robinson's fit & fun buddy run as the best race i've participated in. this was organized by xtribe last july. i'd give that one a 5 out of 5 while this one minus 1 or 1 & a half stars.

why? they had very convenient registration points, a reasonable price, a good route, a lot of water stations, AND drinks & goodies right at the finish line. kudos to xtribe for the fit & fun buddy run!

with this, i'm expecting a good event come the new balance power race next month, on september 27.

2.) registering early doesn't guarantee a smooth flow in getting your race kit. a number of irate runners expressing their thoughts at would attest to this. however...

3.) is still better to register early for a race. at least 3 weeks before the race or the registration deadline. there has been a constant reminder sent out in an article. you would have better chances of having a stress-free time in getting your kit, and you can later on put all the blame on the organizer if they fumble. :P

4.) technology or innovation in a race isn't enough. organizing it effectively makes it complete. see #2.

5.) be ready to run again right after you reach the finish line if you're thirsty...this time to look for a water station. an alternative would be not pushing too hard near the finish if you know that water will be a scarcity after you cross the finish line.

6.) not seeing the road that well can affect your pace...or my pace, at least, because you'd be careful not to have your foot land on an uneven surface.

7.) to line up for a loot bag may be too much for some runners who've just finished a long & hilly race.

8.) morning runs are here to stay because of (1) the traffic situation, (2) morning people, and (3) the ever-growing trend of running.

9.) mckinley hills as a race route is not my ideal route for a PR, but the challenge is a great experience.

10.) class or individual picture-taking will remain to be a key activity for peeps after races.

11.) if you're looking forward to race pictures of you posted in FB, multiply, or in any other blog site and fail to find one, try not to be DNF in the next race. DNF being Did Not Ficture. :P

12.) glow in the dark, shmow in the dark :P


argonaut said...

True True True!!!

Nice lessons learned...

Anonymous said...

Did Not Ficture! very funny LOL!

Sam The Running Ninja said...

Did Not Fart


i like entry number TEN :)

ever since i joined this group, never pa nawalan ng camera, and picture taking :) hahaha sobrang well documented lahat :) wala lang gaanong pics from the finish line ata this race pero marami pa ring happenings pre and post race :)

trumanian said...

@argo i learned also that you didn't bring your camera. :P hehehe
@natz coined from nuttybunny yan! :)
@sam uyy, kanino yun? :P
@tim it's here to stay! :)

Racey said...

Provisional results for Kenny's run are up:

trumanian said...

hey, thanks a lot! :D that's some good advanced info.

jetpaiso said...

wow, agree ako sa lahat ng sinabi mo =)