Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i really get a sudden rush of energy (what's actually left of it) when i'm within 200m from the finish line of a race. i even shout to the other walkers "push na! push!" considering that they would have to run just a wee bit more.

i gasp for air with less than 50m while keeping my crazy pace.

it's like i don't give a damn if i lose my breath or collapse once i reach the checkered flag saying to myself, "never mind if there's no water or anything after the finish, somebody will eventually help you when you collapse & lose your consciousness." :P


Anonymous said...

sure hope someone's there to revive you :P nice pics :) mine look sooooooooo awful, i can't bear to download them and post them anywhere :P good run, boo :)

trumanian said...

thanks a lot, roo. :D