Monday, August 10, 2009


as a fellow Filipino motorist, i understand how drivers would want to avoid heavy traffic during the morning & evening rush hours. yes, yes, it's traffic everywhere but this one is going to be extra special.

this saturday evening, please avoid plowing through the fort. i don't know how the organizers managed to close these roads for runners participating in the urbanite run, but they did a hell of a job with the routes. i was expecting loops within the fort near bhs, but nooooo...they decided to take over bayani road & mckinley park. :)

this is the 10k map that i'm 2nd 10k and i'm ambitiously aiming for a sub-60 despite lack of training. hey, they say it's better to undertrain than overtrain...we'll see.

if you wanna check out the other routes, click on

like i said, please avoid driving through the fort on saturday unless you're a glutton for heavy traffic. :P

good luck to all the racers! :)


Rod.Runn3r said...

bry, if motorists shouts complaints during our run on saturday.

i'll shout back, "haller!!! hindi kayo nagbasa ng blog ni bryan!!!" =D

Rico Villanueva said...

Nice one Bryan. Nice one too Rod. Hehe

trumanian said...

@rod hahaha i like that punchline! :) pwede rin sabihin "tara! takbo nalang, ano?"
@rico thanks! haven't added sheerwill...there you go! :)