Saturday, August 29, 2009


haven't had the chance to run in the last 3 days since i had work in mindanao. i was feeling weak...and fat because of the tuna belly i gobbled up during my trip. my flight back to manila from gensan yesterday got me pondering on getting a garmin for my runs. and then it shifted to which model i should buy--the 305 or 405.

before touchdown at naia, i finally said to myself, "i'm getting a!" :P well, if it were possible. thought about the long weekend and i wanted to maximize it in the 1st few days. checked out and confirmed to buy it from jaywalker888. i requested (demanded) to get it that same night when i clicked BUY on the item. went all the way to qc just for it and closed the transaction at 9pm. went home, impatiently waited for it to charge, downloaded software while waiting, and there! :D

here's my 8k morning run using it for the first time!

i used to generate this map coz i still didn't have the right map in the garmin training center application.

a post in a thread mentioned that the garmin isn't a necessity, but a great tool for runners who want to be precise on their improvements in the sport. i agree completely.

i'll probably give it a month before i make a review. :)


Gingerbreadman said...

Congratulations BRY WTG :) BTW, you just use Garmin Connect to generate the interactive map with working stats and cool player :)You could go to so many places now! Wonderful buy! Have fun with it!


trumanian said...

hey there, luis! :) thanks a lot! oh, i do look forward to running in other places. :D woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new GF405! Welcome to the club! (Beware as you may become more addcited to running hehe)

trumanian said...

salamat, dennis. :) i think i've already been bitten by the running addict bug. hehe

walkeroo said...

boomin roomin!! :P have fun! :P