Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i got myself a new starbucks 12-oz. tumbler last night after my bhs run, the one where you can change the design whenever you want.

i haven't actually printed any new design, but i fiddled with photoshop to come up with 4 rough studies.

study #1. title: takbo.ph community. although the faces can be seen clearly, the blow-up of 1 photo seemed too simple.

study #2. title: takbo.ph class pictures. always the post-race ritual. :)

study #3. title: i am ultrapat.

study #4. title: why do i run? photo taken at bhs during a night run with a little drizzle & the clear moon.

my personal favorites are the 3rd & 4th ones. i'll try to figure out what i really want for my coffee tumbler. :)

in case you're interested, go get yourself one! :D

-> starbucks has a page with printable designs here.

-> on the other hand, if you prefer to create your own design using photoshop, a template can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Wow sir this is a good idea. I'm actually planning to buy one of those starbucks tumblers soon.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! talaga naman, hanggang sa tumbler ba naman takbo pa rin ba? :P oh well :) i like nos. 3 and 4, too...something boorooish would be nice, also, i think :)

Anonymous said...

afaik, the tumbler we got from the amazing loot bag during the buddy run can also be "design-your-own"; pwedeng alisin yung takip then yung paper sa loob. you can use that too :)

bryan, i like #4 :)

Marvin said...

special ang #3 para kay pat ah. hehehe. :) gusto ko yung #4. :D you could find a better class pic for #1, why? kasi wala ako dun! sa chosen photo mo! hahaha! :D

trumanian said...

@natz let's start a cult? :P hehehe
@eire the boorooish would be an upcoming design. thanks for the pic of ultrapat. :)
@cholle really? lemme check nga! :) i also like #4. if you're getting a tumbler, i can print that out for you. :P
@marvin hehehe inspired siguro, ala tiger woods or ninoy. if you have a class pic w/ you, send it to me. :)

rachel said...

Nice one, Bry! I like #1 - coz I'm in it (yeah yeah self-centered, haha) and #2 - Ultrapat, maybe you can cut and paste your picture there = UltraBry!

Rod.Runn3r said...

nice one, bry! i like #3 & #4.

i'll probably get one myself. but i'll put a collage of takbo.ph peeps. =D

argonaut said...

I like!!!!