Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team Powerpuff Boys!

When I first heard about the Epic Relay 250 coming up on June 12-13, I immediately had the urge to form a team of 10 so that we would have lotsa time to prepare. In consultation with UltraPat, we formed the lineup and then the name was originally Team Powerhouse. :P The name itself put a lot of pressure on Mark and I also thought that it's a name we wouldn't be able to live up to. 

With Jinoe making a FB comment and supported by other peeps, our team's name is now Team Powerpuff Boys!

1. Patrick Alcomendas
2. Bryan Rivera
3. Chris Iblan
4. Wilnar Iglesia
5. Dennis Ravanzo
6. Luis Arcangel
7. Mark Hernandez
8. Jixee Lagunda
9. Julius Giron
10. Graciano Santos
11. Ronald Declarador (reserve)

I'm definitely the slowest in the group and I'm so pressured right now to train for speed & endurance. I still have about 4 months to go. :)

Here's the base artwork that I'll be working on for our singlet/shirt!

I'm excited to design our singlet! :D hahaha

Here's a rough Photoshop artwork that I worked on during my lunch break...


Anonymous said...

This was lifted from ragnar relay.

Rod.Runn3r said...

nice!!! hahaha

btw.. want to create your own powerpuff? check out this link..


Julie said...

wow! grabe dream team ah! go go Powerpuff boy we will support u!

truman said...

yep, i heard that the race was similar to somewhere outside the country. anyway, we'll still go for it! :)

hey, rod! thanks a lot for the link! :) it's just missing a letter 't' in "". great! :)

julie, hahaha puro dream lang siguro. :P thanks a lot for the support!

Brando Losaria said...

goodl uck sa inyo mga tol :D

SamTheRunningNinja said...

Cge ganyan kayo magsasarili ako ng team!!!!!!!!!!!!waahhh!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

bry try mo e2

Anonymous said...

seryoso pala yung powerpuff boys hahaha... basta wag lang tayo mag-skirt sa race ok lang hehe =)

Anonymous said...

san ba yung relay na yun? baka pwede pa gawa isa pang team.. hehehe

truman said...

@brando thanks, dude. :) buo rin kayo ng team para masaya! :D

@sam sama ka kina brando! halimaw din yan! :)

@pat thanks sa link! ang angas naman ng boys dito. :P hehe

@dennis hahaha yung powerpuff girls naka-tights naman e. :D

@mccoy subic to bataan & back. :) sama ka rin kina sam! :)

jetpaiso said...

huwaw! ayun pala yun! (makagawa nga rin kaya ng team?) hehehe

Gingerbreadman said...

Go go go powerpufff :P

SamTheRunningNinja said...

Hindi!!!galit ako sa inyo!!

Magsasarili ako ng team...Team Ninja!!everyone runs in Ninja Attire...magugulat kayo nawawala kmi..naka stealth mode during runs..minsan sa mga bubong kmi ng bahay natakbo..humanda kayo sa mga trash talk bwhaahhahaha!!!

rachel said...

Bry, I initially read " for our SKIRT" Haha!!! Good luck to you power puffs! (Hmm, hope mojo jojo doesn't show up)

roo :) said...


truman said...

"runners" = mojo jojo :P fits perfectly! :)

Bong Z said...

just remembered, may boy group na kalaban ang powerpuff girls... "rowdyruff boys" :-) dont ask me how i know hehe :-) google mo na lang

tracy c. said...

wahaha, kuya bz, kilala mo din ang rowdyruff boys?! powerpuff fan! haha.

so who's blossom, buttercup and bubbles?

good luck to you guys concocted with "sugar, spice and everything nice!" :-)