Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frisbee Fun at Nestea Camp Hot


I joined the Ultimate Frisbee clinic yesterday at the Nestea Fit Camp Hot in Fort Bonifacio, near BHS. We went there at 8:30am to register for the 9-11am session.

For P150, we got a small Rudy Project bag with a Nestea shirt (that we were supposed to wear during the clinic), a pseudo Road ID, sunblock, and a tumbler for your bottomless Nestea. It was definitely good value!

During the session, we were about 50-60 pax, but there were a lot of trainors to manage us well. We did basic backhand & forehand throws, a defense drill, and yes...we got to play! :) Our newbie team won despite not having a game plan while the other team took it too seriously. :P

Since we were bitin, I decided to go back there on the same day for the 3-5pm session with bro. This time, I was able to play for almost an hour. :D Super saya & I agree with Julie, it can be really addicting. I met a few regular players who meet every Monday in the Meralco open field. I plan to go there to see how I can improve my game.

Being the runner that I am, I asked our trainor..."I've been getting bruises on my hand from catching the frisbee...are these the common injuries in UF?" No, the common injuries are ACL & MCL. A big uh-oh me. :P

I've been inviting other peeps with a little warning that this sport isn't for you if you're really serious into running, coz of the lateral movements. However, if you're pasaway like me or if you just want to get a feel of Ultimate Frisbee, TARA NA! There are still 4 Saturday sessions starting on March 6.

I'm having fun here. Let's see where this rabbit hole goes... :)

Frisbee drills in the 3pm heat, with Serendra as backdrop
Bro learning the backhand
Me trying to pass to another teammate in a game
Me trying :P



alam ko magastos din to as you have to buy spikes for these :) i don't think trail shoes would do sa field ;)

pero oo nga, it looks fun! :)

sad to say i wouldn't want to tear my last remaining ok na ACL :) hehehe :) normal frisbee na lang, hindi na ultimate hehehe

truman said...

dude, ok na trail shoes! :) i don't plan to get serious naman with this sport. it's still running for me! just needed a little diversity.

also, ayoko rin magka-ACL/MCL like Derek. i heard he got it from UF. :)

Marga said...

hmmmm....sounds really interesting. hahaha.

truman said...

it is, marga! :D sayang you're not around to try it. baka meron dyan sa japan. :P

Anonymous said...

Wow mukhang masaya yan a! After BDM ko na pag-iisipan ang mga bagay na yan hehe :)

Hotlegs Runner said...

Timmy: it's not magastos at all. You just need two types of shoes. Trail or running shoes and cleats (useful during the rainy season. Other than that you don't need a garmin, stopwatch, bodyglide, etc. shoes, clothes and disc and you're all set. =)

Bryan: this brings back many memories. I remember we played a game once with one free hand for catching and tossing the disc and the other hand was a can of BEER! haha! And the parties, oh my! WILD! haha! Enjoy Bry! Welcome to another addiction. =)

Marga: sa JAPAN meron!

truman said...

@julie: wow! i can only imagine your wild parties with ultimate! :D hahaha i hope i don't get any injury from this sport.

Danny said...

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