Monday, February 15, 2010

A Thrill of the Trail Indeed

The TNF Thrill of the Trail lived up to its name by offering the runners a very enjoyable route featuring easy & soft trails and river crossings that really kept the excitement flowing as ALL of the runners had to get their shoes wet for about 10 times along the route. And I'm only referring to the 11K route (I heard the 22K was tougher).

Kudos to the organizers for the well-organized race! I think it was the perfect Valentine's offering to runners who wanted to experience a light adventure to couples during the occasion. This is my first-ever trail race and I'm sure that this benchmark is very high for other future organizers to meet or beat. I think one factor

One minor setback was that a few runners got lost along the way. They were forced to backtrack as they wouldn't be considered as finishers if they didn't go throught the correct route. Hmmm... a misplaced or missing sign, perhaps. A second one, but I would consider as unavoidable, was the bottleneck that happened along the race when the runners were about to go down to the river on a steep incline. Safety first! :)

For those who weren't able to join this due to different reasons (nasaraduhan ng registration, busy, may ibang plano, etc.), sayang talaga! I'd be sure to register early for races where I really want to participate in, especially for trail runs since they happen much less often than road races.

Eire happy running on the soft trail near the start of the race.

Uh oh! Bottleneck for runners going down the steep incline by the river. Safety first!

Cozy in here with the trees. :)

Picture pace w/ Eire, Jai & Tin.

Not without the lively cheerers (w/ plastic bottles para authentic :P)

Poor you if you didn't plan to get your shoes wet.

I got mine wet for about 10 times (same for everyone else).

Happy in the water... :D

...not for them, I guess (removing pebbles in their socks & shoes...I didn't care about those in my own).

Goofing around.

With the finishers and photographer/kaladkarin peeps! :)

Other photos at my Facebook, at Jai's site, and at Mark's site. :) Thanks, dudes.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Bryan and Doc Eire! tama, kaladkarin talaga! hahaha...


truman said...

hahaha yun yung word na pumasok sa mind ko when i wanted to provide a description for you guys who were there but didn't race! :P hehe

Anonymous said...

bry !!! d na tyo nagkta & doc eire also hahaha bilis talga ni wilnar nasa picture na kagad hahaha d pa ko tapos nyan for sure :) ganda ng route ! panalo !! laki ng lupa ni ayala hahaha :)

bro grabe mo lang my pics nyo ni doc eire nunbinuhat mo sa finishline :) CUTE !!! :)

multiply bro user markfercastiillo :)



Anonymous said...

andun pala si idol wilnar! :D

at sino yung nakapula, 5th from the left?

- ace

truman said...

@marky yeah, didn't see you. :) we left early. thanks! :D

@ace hahaha si halinao kaya yun! :P

Anonymous said...

yung naka yellow na cap bro :D

- ace

Anonymous said...

Bry, did you use your NB609 Trail shoe on this race? if so, how did it fare out?

Gingerbreadman said...

Binuhat mo si Doc Eire at the line? Yeaaah :P Sweet! Nice seeing you there bud :P

truman said...

@rene yup, i did. :) they had grrreat traction on those large rocks! although i have to admit my mizunos have better cushioning. :) we went to mamplasan after the race & i saw the same model at around P1,400 lang. :)

@luis hahaha yeah, near the finish line lang, but it was a good way to end the race! see you!

roo :) said...

:P hehehe! i was praying hard bryan's arms and legs were powerful enough :P they were naman :P hahaahah!