Monday, January 18, 2010


Wow! I received the coolest birthday gift ever from Eire! :D A brand new lomo camera, a white Diana F+ Edelweiss version. Thanks so very muchy, Eire! :D

My new toy!

Ever since I encountered or stumbled upon lomography, I've been intrigued by its form of photography that is much more different because of its seemingly 'imperfect but amazing' approach to the hobby. You can learn more about it at Too bad the Lomomanila site is being upgraded as of this posting. :P

Here I am fiddling with it at Corregidor, the first time I ever used this new toy. :)

I'm just waiting for the 2-day processing of the first 2 120mm, B&W rolls, which is expected to be done and delievered to my place today. :) If they do look upload-worthy, I'll be posting them here.


roo :) said...

no comments? people don't care about lomo? running lang?

i posted a comment na before...dunno why it's not here :(

'neeway, hope we get to find a place where we could process the films :P can't wait to see them :D

truman said...

hahaha it's okay. :) not really after comments for this one, or for other posts.

yeah, can't wait to see them too!!! :)