Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009: My Running Discovery Year

From the time i ran & raced for the first time with Eire at the Greenfield City Run in Sta. Rosa, Laguna last April 19--both of us wearing badminton shoes as true-blooded newbies--until the memorable Rizal Day Run where I finally hit 1,000km of running mileage, 2009 is a very special year for me.

Eire & I in our first run & race...53 minutes for 5K! :D Both of us seen wearing badminton shoes here, not having a clue what Photovendo was. :P

Nearly 8 years ago, when our company sponsored the Pasig River Marathon and when I actually participated in the 3km fun run, I said to myself I would never run a full marathon. I even thought that those who did run 42km races were crazy. :P

Hmmm...I spoke too soon.

To squeeze everything in a giant nutshell, here are some bits of 2009, the year I decided to get out of that couch and become a running addict. For the best & worst items, this is just my personal opinion. I don't want to debate with anyone here. :)



1. Men's Health Urbanathlon (by Finishline)
2. Quezon City International Marathon (by Runnex)
3. Rizal Day Run (by Bald Runner)

Honorable Mention: Robinsons Fit & Fun Buddy Run, Kenny Rogers Open Urbanite Run

Milo Finals - 10K Route

30 for 30 Foot Race in Baguio City


Adidas King of the Road singlet


On the side, I even managed to win in a biggest loser contest organized by Rico of by losing 34 lbs. in 1 & a half months. That's after running more than 270km and strictly following a balanced diet in the entire duration. Losing those excess pounds helped me more in running and achieving my target PRs. :)


Thanks a lot to everyone at for being very welcoming & supportive to my running addiction. I feel very proud being part of the Filipino running community.


Gail said...

nice one bryan! :) you should mention that you aced the BLC contest as well! congrats for a full running year!

truman said...

thanks, gail! :) i'll add it nga. :P hehe happy new year!

roo :) said...

love your new widgets and gadgets :)

t'was truly a wonderful year for you, b...couldn't say the same for me, though :( (we just talked on the phone, so you know :P) least one of us is flying :P take me along with you on your flights na lang :) meow :)

Hotlegs Runner said...

ang cute ng pic nyo! hey ok na yan. at least you have a pic noh. And to think first race pa yan. Would you believe until now I don't have a pic of me running? =( That's my wish for 2010. To actually have a pic of me running! haha ;p

truman said...

@eire thanks! :) good to know you're feeling better. i'm very confident 2010 will be bright for you! :D

@julie hehe salamat! baka this year, magsawa ka sa pics mo while running. get well & takbo na! :)

roo :) said...

sigh...i sure hope you're right...anyway...if you're not, just take me under your wing :P


nice entry bro! :)

dapat dinagdag mo ung fun parts ng LSDs :) wahaha ;) lalo na ung jack & jill moments! wahahaha

see yah!

argonaut said...

Astig Bryan, you are an inspiration as well! (kasi ako inspiration rin!!! lol!

truman said...

@tim thanks! masyadong mahaba post kung dinagdag ko pa yun. :P daming moments...maybe in another entry nalang. :) hehe

@argo touch naman ako sa 'yo. :P ahahaha

Rod.Runn3r said...

hanep, bry! ang bilis ng improvement mo. congrats bro! more runnings for 2010!

truman said...

thanks, ultrarod! ;)