Monday, January 4, 2010

Cardiac Hill Tidbits

1 Key Difference from last year's Cardiac Hill LSD:

1.) Much faster running pace w/ less break time
Were the guys pressured by someone? Is everyone evolving to halimaw status?

Last year - slowly but surely

This year - always on the run

Last year - break whenever, wherever

This year - break only when halimaws take one

3 Oddities during the Cardiac Hill LSD:

1.) Brando (aka Ace Balasador) without his bad-ass camera, or Brando included in the pictures!

2.) Somebody smiling differently ;)

3.) Missing bike support?

Last year's bike support?!?

3 New Improvements in this Cardiac Hill LSD:

1.) Much bigger delegation

Last year's group - 17 participants

This year's group - 35 addicts! (others went home early)

2.) Use of acquired orienteering skills

One of the lesson's learned from CP2?

3.) Improvised banner

Where's the banner? There it is!

1 Key Similarity with last year's Cardiac Hill LSD:

1.) REAL FUN with! :D

Did I miss anything? :)


Glen said...

ayos sa banner hehehe

Brando Losaria said...

Kelan kaya next na balik natin dito? Next week? 2 weeks from now? hanggang kay mamang BJ na lang then back then repeat? :D

Anonymous said...

Nice before and after comparison, Bry! Sana maulit uli although i would suggest ibang route naman in Sta. Rosa.

truman said...

@glen hehe si doc eire nag improvise eh! :)

@ace mukhang excited kang bumalik ah! gawa ka thread & let's see kung sino pa may gusto ulit... part 3!

@rene thanks! maybe those based in the south would have other suggestions sa trail. gusto ko rin sana in san mateo or montalban! :)


bry! di mo kinomment na the participants who went to cardiac 1 & 2 also lost significant weight themselves :)

Jon Trimble said...

Nice comparisons Bryan. Thanks for putting on the run. I look forward to the next Cardiac run soon. Maybe once a month.

truman said...

@tim hehe mga BLC ba? :) sa bagay, that might be one reason why everyone ran faster. :)

@jon you're welcome! honestly, i feel you had a hand in making a lot of participants improve their pace during this LSD run. thanks for that!
also, i think ace plans to go back there again within the month, and might put up a new thread for it. let's wait & see. :)

argonaut said...

hahaha! katuwa, featured ako! lol! I like the route! the best route ever!

Hotlegs Runner said...

join na ko this year!

truman said...

@argo hehe celebrity eh! :P

@julie you should! :)