Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mapping Ahead Condura 42K - REVISED

Sharing this one for those of you running the full marathon next month at the Condura Run... :)

Instead of running tonight, I spent this part of the evening mapping out Condura's 42K route from their site just to get an idea how far I would've already ran before even reaching the Skyway.

Revised as of today, January 23, with details following the Bull Runner's post here.

Using Running Ahead, it turns out that:
  * Before reaching Kalayaan flyover going to Buendia Ave., you would've ran about 12km.
  * Before entering Skyway would be more than 16km already.
  * Turnaround point at Bicutan interchange would be past the 25km mark.
  * The so-called "Condura Hill" with the interchange of flyovers going to the airport would be 30km in the race.

Even with the revised map, the 4 tiems above still follows. :)
Notice that the map only shows 41+km. It's understandable as this mapping tool isn't 100% accurate. We'll see what Garmin has to say in the actual race.

Good luck to everyone--both 1st timers (me included) & seasoned marathoners! :)


Neil said...

Nice Bry! I was planning to map this one too. But since you've done, might as well make use of it. Pa borrow ha?

Stay injury-free bro!

tracy c. said...

whoa, condura hill at 30k?! thanks for sharing, bryan!
good luck to us! :-)

Natz said...

Hi Bryan, thanks for sharing this. This is really interesting for all 42K runners. Good luck and most important, ENJOY!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks.. i can now plan my race pace and startegy to achieve my goal. sub 4:30.
good luck to all condura runners

Hotlegs Runner said...

good luck =)

truman said...

@neil you were the one who tipped me that condura uploaded a better map. :) thanks, dude.

@tracy yeah, that's the killer! :P i hope nobody hits the wall by the time they get there. good luck!

@natz good luck on your 5K PR!!!!

@anonymous not a problem. good luck to you!

@julie thanks! :)

jetpaiso said...

bro, i'm not sure, but i got an update (yet to be finalized) that the route will no longer pass lawton ave. will keep you posted, thanks!

truman said...

@jet really? hmmm... i'll just work on a new one if they do come out with a new route. thanks!

Anonymous said...

galeng mo tlga bry, thanks for making this...this will definitely help us..goodluck sa 1st FM....1st tym din ako....goodluck to all of us...Junar

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bry. I guess we'll be ready for this. Good luck to us!

Gingerbreadman said...

Bry, good luck with your 4:30 bud. :)

truman said...

hey, folks! i just revised it based on the details posted by Bull Runner. :) the same points mentioned (12km by Kalayaan et al), just a change in the lawton/bayani route.