Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Dream of Nike Free

While digesting all of the food I had from our free Heat buffet lunch, which was one of my BLC prizes courtesy of Margalicious, I had a relaxing afternoon surfing the net and trying to figure out something to do.

Here's what I ended up with...
Get a total customization experience at You can customize colors and materials for a totally unique take on kicks, T-shirts and more. Start customizing now at
Check out the
NikeFree 5.0 v4 iD Running Shoe
I designed at

To buy or not to buy... :P In case I decide to later on, this will be my design...or maybe something else. :)

I gotta run later. I still feel soooo full. :P Better keep within 175-180 lbs. for Condura. :D


Hotlegs Runner said...

go go go! I love my nike free. would you believe I used it for running before. MALI!!! didn't know anything before, evidently! Now I use it when I go malling or when I know I'll be walking for a long time. very comfy =)

truman said...

What what I've been reading about it, the shoe DOES seem comfy and ideal for training--particularly strengthening my foot muscles. :) We'll see. I've been splurging so much on running stuff already, time to control. :P hehe

Anonymous said...

I dream .. I dream .. too.