Sunday, September 20, 2009


the bad news. :(

the condition of my mizuno wave creation 8 is deteriorating. :( these have been used (abused) for less than 5 months, when i started running, with a total mileage of 340km only.

the wear on the outer portion of the right heel is so prominent that you could already see the red material coming out. it's supposed to be black all throughout that portion. this goes to show that i REALLY supinate. :P

heel of the right shoe...notice that the left has some red rubber showing already :(

side view of the same heel at the right side - rubber thickness still acceptable but then...

...the left side barely has any rubber already. :(

anyway, they've given me pain-free running from the 1st time i've used them so...i feel bad i have to retire that pair soon. i'll still try to use these as long-run trainers.

the good news. :D

NEW SHOES! i got a pair of mizuno wave precision 9 (the 10 version isn't available anywhere yet) at mizuno BHS. woohoo! it's green pa, and eire says it looks like a pair of newtons, not just any other plain looking white-with-another-color shoe.

before i finally decided on this one, i was torn between the wave rider 12 & this one, primarily because of the cushioning provided by the rider as advertised. given my big frame, most running geeks might say that i need shoes with good cushioning.

anyway, so i tried the wave rider 12 and i found out that it's narrower than either the creation or the precision. even without socks, i could feel the shoe squeezing my small toes. :P when i tried the precision, it fit really well and yeah, it IS much lighter. however, i'll be careful as this one has much less cushioning that i enjoyed in the creation. so there... :D

i'll take an easy run tomorrow to try them out, and then use them during the 5K mini race this thursday at the mizuno running clinic. :) after that...woohoo! 10K NB power race, here i come! :)


Gail said...

nice, nice! :) this was my 1st choice too in orange naman but my feet didn't like the fit. it has a narrow toe box. i went for the wave forerunner 2 instead.

according to my tito, mizuno is known to be easily worn out although it is one of the best running shoes out there. my mizunos are also wearing out easily with only less than 200k mileage. oh well, more reason to shop for a new pair ;-)


nice one bro! :) terno! highlighter yellow shoes for speed! wahahaha have you read hector's (secondwind)review of the shoe? :) nice yan bro :)

(teka ayaw mag copy paste nung link wahahha

trumanian said...

@gail hey there! :) yeah, i agree that mizunos don't last that long, but they really have a good wave plate technology...and if you're into buying shoes, it's okay. :P hehehe

@timmy nice! :) just read the review and i'm even more confident that i made the right choice. may post-review pa nga eh on september. thanks a lot!

jetpaiso said...

nice shoes you got there bro! =)

roo said...

newton-like :P have fun with your run :) meow :)

Sam The Running Ninja said...

Too bad. Mine is "white-with-another-color" shoe hahaha. Ganda nito, kick-ass, looks like it glows in the dark too hehehehe. See you on Sunday!


bry, saktong dahilan din (why i got elixir) nice review from hec wahehehe

Natz said...

waaaahhhh!!! bakit mas maganda kulay ng Precision9 mo kesa sakin!!!!! :-(

trumanian said...

@jet thanks a lot! :) good luck in looking for your blue NB1063.

@roo they're much cheaper pa than newtons! i used my 15% discount coupon c/o mizuno run club! :D

@sam hahaha at least you get free shoes by just reviewing them. :)

@timmy buti nalang may mga endorsers na! :)

@natz same as mr. running ninja, oks lang! free naman yung sa 'yo eh! :) hehe