Saturday, September 19, 2009

_out_of_your_running_routine _with_mizuno

if you are:

- a runner who wants to get out of your running routine while having a lot of other newbie/experienced runners there to motivate you

- curious on how fast you can go for half a km after doing 6km...or simply help you gauge yourself on running

- fond of freebies or discounts on running! :P

...the mizuno run club is for you! :D

here are some photos that i grabbed from the running ninja during our 2nd session last thursday night.

listening to coach ige for the night's program

drills, drills, drills :) photo-ops after the session...with marvin rae, kenkoy runner timmy, nuttybunny marvin class pic...had to settle for this one coz the regular banner wasn't there :)

with running diva and jai of mizuno

our session had (for intermediate runners):

Warmup - 2.5km
3 rounds - 3.75km
1 short run - 724m @ 5:12/km
1 short run - 370m @ 4:54/km
Cooldown - 1.25km

there's also a program for new runners, so don't worry. :)

got a 15% discount coupon already! :D woohoo! can't wait for the other goodies in the next sessions!

if you're still interested you can go there this thursday, 7pm at mizuno store, bonifacio high street. remember, it's NOT only for runners who use mizuno running's free for all (though the catch is that only mizuno shoe owners get more goodies than the non-mizuno peeps...sounds fair)! :)

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argonautquest said...

Present! Un lang, wala ako sa pictures... hehe!
I'm sure this event will help us all improve!