Friday, September 11, 2009


i'm so glad my first pair of running shoes is a mizuno. :)

joined the 1st session of the 3rd mizuno run club last night at bonifacio high street and, i must say, it's a fun way to improve your running skills while getting free drinks & other cool freebies.

the club is actually a 12-session training clinic to be held every thursday starting last night (sept. 10) from 7-8:30pm, with the meeting point in front of the mizuno store at bhs. i saw between 30-40 participants there, and i heard it was probably the biggest mizuno group to date.

we started with a 2-round warmup around bhs, which is about 2.5km (others can run around the short loop if they want to, which goes around the street that divides bhs, for a total of 1.7km). did 6 or 7 different kinds of drills, with the 'genuflect' kind of drill really killing my thigh muscles. :P afterwards, time trial for 3 loops around bhs again, followed by a 1-loop cooldown. that's 7.5km total for me! :D

WARMUP = 1.25km
TIME TRIAL = 3.75km @ 5:51/km
COOLDOWN = 1.25km

by the way, it's not exclusive for mizuno runners. non-mizuno shoe owners can also join, but the only catch is that they don't get the extra gatorade after the session & the coupon with exciting freebies.

here's the coupon with the 1st visit validated for the 15% discount. check out the other freebies on succeeding sessions! :D

with this, i might get myself a new pair of mizuno's soon! :) woohoo! still torn between the wave creation 10 & wave rider 12 though, but i'll figure it out. my current pair is a wave creation 8 that has given me pain-free running.

if you weren't able to join last night, you can still go there next thursday!



actually, feeling ko the reason why this group had a bigger attendance than the previous one was that, they were not as "strict" as they were before with regards to the shoes eh. being a member of the second batch (repeater ba? hahaha) the organizer this time was not that strict nga :) the number of attendees din naman would usually dwindle down as the session gets harder and harder :)

actually, the drills we did last thursday, was just the easy part :) more harder and more fun things to come! :)

see you around new classmate! ehehehe :)

trumanian said...

those are interesting insights, timmy. :)

i myself won't be able to attend all sessions due to work travel in the coming weeks, but i wanna get that singlet at the last session! :D

argonaut said...

bangis ni timmy! see yeah classmates! un lang hindi mizuno ang shoes ko...

Gingerbreadman said...

Uy, graduate ka na Timmy ah! Congrats on your first Mizuno clinic man Bry, you should learn a lot out of it. Nag improve si Timmy jan during its previous installment.

Julie said...

goodluck sa atin classmate...sana nagsisinungaling si tim re the coming sessions =P


Yeah, they were very strict last time. The one who managed it was super strict that at some point in time one runner, a friend of mine, almost didn't want to finish. Expect more drills to come!

trumanian said...

hey, roselle! :) first-timers like myself should be fortunate then.

as for the drills, i'll expect the worst in the coming sessions. :P thanks for the warning!