Thursday, September 3, 2009


once you get there, you'll instantly agree that what makes pagadian very unique are their tricycles that are built for the uphill & downhill streets of this port city in zamboanga del sur.

my first time in the western part of mindanao has brought me here before my afternoon flight back to manila via ozamiz city.

like i just said...

even the roofs are so slanted that the tricycle ID can be placed on them

the passenger in front is about the same level as the one sitting at the back of the motorcycle

passed the weight test! ...didn't tilt the trike :) the guy texting isn't even making an effort. i had a hard time getting on & off it, fyi.

different kinds of dried fish & squid are also very popular here...

although i settled for my favorite durian. :) this native variety had longer spikes and was super sweet. yummy!

this was literally gone in 60 seconds... :)


argonaut said...

Nice Bryan! I've never been here... I hope I could... Soon!

Anonymous said...

ayus ung ride ah. . kahilo siguro

nyaks! durian!!! baho nyan!!!


trumanian said...

@argo nothing special except the trikes, but if you're serious in uphill/downhill training, this would be the place. :)

@docT sarap kaya ng durian! :P hehe


Nice photos. Nice recap. I enjoyed reading it. :D The last time I was there was more than ten years ago! woooah!