Tuesday, September 8, 2009


talking about the movie, not any other place here in the metro, i think district 9 deserves good blog reviews, with this being just one of the many other posts by other bloggers.

why should you see it? it's not your usual alien flick. unlike starship troopers, knowing, and other films that involve out-of-this-world species, there's actually a good story underneath the semi-action, semi-drama district 9. it makes us think how good/bad we, as the human race, can really be when faced with a particular situation involving money, power, & self-preservation. the good display of special effects & animation is just a bonus.

rotten tomatoes also praised it with a 90% rating. not that their critics are always right, but i have to agree with this one.

a few thoughts that crossed my mind as i was watching it:

- the first scene made me say to myself, "uh oh! is this another cloverfield or blair witch kind of movie where the cameraman gets to be the movie cameraman?" it turns out to be the usual cinematography. :) whew!

- the main character reminded me of borat because of his accent and personality

- thank God they decided to film it OUTSIDE the US! :D somebody must have tipped the writer. :) ...or they really needed the nigerians.

- i would WANT to have a shirt with the logo below! :D ...not that i support it! :P


walkeroo said...

nicaraguans = long and wrong :P

i loved the movie...gore and all! i liked that beneath the apparent brusque and brawn, there lay a moral issue...and a subtly presented play of emotions, that was actually quite easy to miss, especially if you weren't paying all that much attention.

trumanian said...

hahaha :P long and wrong indeed. :D meow.