Friday, November 27, 2009


the 12th & last session of the weekly mizuno run club was one that we looked forward to because of the 5k relay race that they set up for the class, even if we (or i) didn't expect to win it--we were too intimidated by the kids. :P

of course, our team name had to be " #1" to show our support for the Filipino running community. our team has doc marvin, timmy, sam, and myself.

after a quick 1-round warm-up and the last barrage of drills c/o coach ige, the rules of the 5k relay were explained to the participants. it turned out that each runner had to bring a full bottle of gatorade during his turn and then drink all of it at the mizuno booth before the next runner can follow. :P

at the end of the race, surprisingly, team #1 bagged 2nd place!!! :D we beat the little monsters. :P

no prize or awarding or podium ceremony, but it was all good since we had real fun just by joining the race, with placing as a bonus.

lastly, runnerspeak conducted an interview with our team and...hahaha...yeah, we're probably expecting just 2 seconds (with super editing & cuts) because a lot of it was just us talking crazy. :P

i'm joining the mizuno run club again (repeater like timmy) next year! :)

here are the photos...thanks a lot to eire for this one & the moral support! ;)

last drills session (coach ige probably saying to himself, "sa wakas!" :P)

team #1 after winning 2nd place in the 5k relay! lucky intimid8? :P class pic w/o the banner

mizuno run club class pic :)

interview by runnerspeak! :) i wonder when this is going to be aired, if at all. :P

more pics here. :)


Marvin said...

cool article BLC bryan! hehehe. :) sir ronald said this sunday papalabas yung episode. 2:45pm on QTV. Congrats ulit sa atin! :)

Running Diva said...

You sure had a blast during the relay last night! So happy for you guys. Couldn't help but smile at Timmy's facial expression and smile. So happy si Kenkoy Runner! Congrats, Bry! Way to go for BLC?

trumanian said...

@marvin i know you like this post...kasama ka eh! :) hahaha sana nga mapalabas this sunday, kahit 1 second. :P

@roselle yeah, ang babaw na nga namin eh. :P hehe thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

showbiz na TV !!!! ang chezzy !!! congats !!! :)



bry! i grabbed some pics ah for my blog (baka magalit sina marianne & jai pag walang blog about grad eh wahahaha)

nice one teammate! repeater ka na rin! wahahaha ;)

Gingerbreadman said...

Go #1!! Sino ang anchor??? WOhooo!

Anonymous said...

ang galing! sikat pa! hanep =)

trumanian said...

@tim sure! grab all you want. :)

@luis thanks! di ko kilala anchor. :P hehe

@dennis salamat! tignan natin kung ipapalabas tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats ulit ! : )

--- marky_mark

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan. First time on your site. Great post and photos. Congratulations on TAKBO.PH and the second place finish! Take care my friend and have a good week ahead! - Wayne