Friday, December 4, 2009


intimidating, not intimid8! ;) hehe

it's been almost 8 years since i last went to baguio. :P didn't see it in my vacay list for a long time and work didn't really take me there.

out of curiosity, excitement, and the tingling sense of paranoia that i might get lost during the 30K run, i traced the map of route from the registration form of the 30 for 30 Road Race using runningahead.

here's the drawing of the map from the organizer:

and here's the map c/o runningahead:

you can check it out here.

i'm impressed that the route seems very accurate! :) 30.46km! however, it turns out that the 2nd map seems more intimidating! :P ...which reminds me that i've never had the chance to run beyond 21K and that i'm still in the BLC.

oh well, this challenge seems too enticing and, hey, i love running in the cold weather (we'll see how cold i can go). this is also going to be part of my training for condura. :)

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Marvin said...

go BLC bryan! ;) lupet mo! di na kita ma-reach!