Saturday, December 19, 2009


the last quarter of 2009's turning out to be filled with big challenges for me... :) bring it on! :D

after the 1 1/2 month blc, now i'm testing myself to drastically increase my mileage from the time i started running in may, barely 8 months ago.

i also see this as very timely as there would a race on december 30 called rizal day run being organized by none other than bald runner, one of my idols in running and even the one giving out the 1,000-km shirts in exchange for a small amount to support their cause for runners.

and, i also have a 'pacer' to reach the 1,000-km mark--rod aka rodrunner--who is also looking to hit 1,000km during the rizal day run. :) such an inspiration for me. thanks, rod!

right now, as of this posting, my total mileage since may is 853.65km. here's my daily mile log to prove it:

i need 146.35km in 11 days. :P here's my plan to reach 1,000km by december 30:

december 20 - 21K - celebrity run
december 20 - 7K - recovery (evening)
december 21 - 15K
december 22 - 6K
december 23 - 8K - tempo run
december 24 - 10K
december 25 - rest
december 26 - 16K
december 27 - 16K
december 28 - 16K - w/ 8km speedwork
december 29 - rest
december 30 - 32K - rizal day run

TOTAL = 147km (11 days)

if i complete this, i would've run a total of 301km for december alone! :O oh my...

i feel this would be much more challenging than the blc. only my determination (and luck that i don't get any injusry) would be able to say if i can accomplish this plan. cw-x, do your thing. :P hehe

wish me luck. :)


Hotlegs Runner said...

question: I thought you're not suppose to run everyday. sorry just wondering. coz if I had a choice, I'd like o run everyday hehe =)

trumanian said...

hey, julie! :) that's not everyday naman a...dec. 25 & 29 are rest days. :P hehe

seriously, i think running everyday is possible, as long as your legs can take it (and if short distances lang), but i believe a break for at least 1 day in a week is a must for ALL runners.

i'm not even sure if i can accomplish what i plan to do... i've never ran more than 158km in a month. i won't force it if i feel my legs can't take it anymore. i'm just trying to find out my limits (parang BLC). :)

roo :) said...

wow...didn't know you were planning to do this...good luck, b...

Rod.Runn3r said...

bry, apir! hehehe! good luck bro! kita-kits sa rizal day run!

trumanian said...

@eire just thought about it recently. :)

@rod apir! :D see you on dec. 30.

jetpaiso said...

run the 26th to 28th in a pace that's a bit slower (slowest the best, with walk breaks) than your target pace, to avoid stress and injury. good luck bro!

Sam TheRunningNinja said...

this is possible.

Last 2 weeks of BLC I was running 17km-20km E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y...pahinga 1 day a week.

You to take supplements though like Chondroitin and multi-vitamins else your body will fail.

trumanian said...

@sam thanks, man! i'll continue with the multivitamins as you suggested. :)