Friday, December 18, 2009


the same day (today) that runnr announced at facebook that they were going to have fresh stocks of cw-x compression tights, i thought, "woah! finally, i've decided which xmas gift i can happily give myself!" :D after all, just this year, running helped me lower my cholesterol, blessed me with new friends at, and was a big factor on how i lost a lot of weight, with a bonus pa! ;)

i went to runnr before 9pm as they said delivery would be at that time. :P super excited! hahaha it turned out the truck was late so i decided to run 10km as i've been pigging out for the last 3 days in gensan. :(

got the stabilyx model as recommended by nico, medium sized. :P since i ran before i had the chance to go back to the store, i didn't want to fit it with my sweaty legs. :P i just told nico i'll buy it first, go home for a shower, then try it. if it doesn't fit, i'll exchange it tomorrow. right now (as i'm wearing it while doing this post), looks like medium fits well. :)

i'll give this a test at the celebrity run this sunday. 21k agad! :P

hmmmm...these compression tights would be another motivation for me to keep my weight below 180 lbs for the condura run! registered also at runnr...1st full mary! :)

...siguro naman after 1,000km, i can try 42km na. :)


roo :) said...

like i said, there ain't no stopping the boo now :) merry christmas :) meow :)

Hotlegs Runner said...

hu-wow! new tights on sunday! woohoo! =)

Rod.Runn3r said...

go bry! you can still reach 1000K before the year ends.

140K+ na lang. let's add 21K on sunday after your 21K race.

trumanian said...

@eire thanks! ;) merry mismas! :D

@julie hehe yeah, i'm not even trying them out before tomorrow's 21k. hope they work out well. :)

@rod salamat! tignan ko kung kaya ko pa after the race. :) running 140km in less than 10 days IS a tough challenge! hmmmm... :)

i2runner said...

Bryan, cool! Bagay sayo dude!

trumanian said...

thanks, idol natz! :) see you around.