Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Full Running Potential

Here in Isabela, my 3rd day out of town for work, but I'm finally going home tomorrow. Three reasons why I preferred to be in Manila this week:

1) Run! Not that I live to run, but I'm just really missing it already. I once attempted to continue my training here in Isabela, but after my night experience, I said to myself that I definitely cannot run here.

I'm also missing a lot of runs in my training program (given to me by Jon)... :(

2) Wednesday Mizuno press conference - missed it, plus Timmy had to text just to tell me that a lot of peeps won in their raffle. The lucky devils! Congrats anyway, guys! :) Galing!

3) Ultimate frisbee practice - Also on a Wednesday...I had wanted to join that practice with my new Ultimate team for our competition at the Nestea Camp Hot this Saturday. A lot of room for improvement for me. I wanna handle that disc! Go Pro-bies!!!! (Professional Newbies, dunno where I got that team name) Get a win, please! :P

Realization: With this kind of work that I'm doing (frequent travels), I can never reach my full running potential. Well, I can look at it this way...I don't intend to have running as a career and I'm sure I'd have other opportunities later on to improve my game... or rather, run. Also, without my work, I wouldn't have the chance to splurge with all the running stuff that I have right now, and even pay for increasing race registration fees.

It's a give and take thing, I guess. :)


Hotlegs Runner said...

Prob-ies! nice team name =)

Don't worry Bryan, there will be more runs, races, frisbee games and raffles coming =)

truman said...

thanks, julie! :) see you on the road (for running) & in the field (for ultimate).

roo :) said...

oh wow! so cool and sexy! you run AND you're into ultimate, too? ;) i gotta get to know you, you hot man, you...