Sunday, October 4, 2009


tomorrow will be the first time i'm visiting india...also the first time i'm feeling a bit 'different' about this trip after hearing a lot of stories/adventures from my colleagues. i'm just keeping my expectations to such level.

to be honest, i do love indian food at new bombay, swagat, & indian by nature. :D yummy chicken tikka masala & naan!

...we'll see. hopefully, i'll be posting my learnings from my short stay there.

this is the video i remembered when i found out that i had to go there for work. :) sooooo funny!! :P one of the segments from conan o'brien. enjoy! :D

india call center

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Argonaut said...

hmmm, i never saw sweeney todd... but since you said its nice, maybe i could give it a shot!