Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've just discovered another way to kill time instead of becoming my usual fast-paced--not really impatient--work mode. This thing right here. Not that I see this as a regular waiting activity, but we'll see.

Here right now in a 'boy's town' school in Silang, Cavite with our technical guy lecturing on corn farming. It's a community project where we teach high school kids how to plant corn...and eat them too. Even as the word 'sustainable' is overused by corporate citizens, I envision this as one of the ways how public schools can generate additional funds on a regular basis for little improvements that go a long way. Hopefully, with this pilot project, we can learn the ropes soon and move on to other schools with a benchmark to guide us.

My most striking observation so far is the level of discipline of these boys is much higher than the one in the private school where I finished 15 years ago. All heads are neatly cut like those for military training and their seemingly long attention span for a 2-hour lecture on technical stuff about corn amazes me.

Let's see how this goes.

I'll include pics as soon as I get hold of my lappy. It's the first time I'm typing this long on my BB.

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