Friday, July 31, 2009


my mind's adrift on a friday...suddenly got me thinking about how buy a new pair of running shoes, and then led me to a question, "how much does it cost for me to use my current pair per KM?" the recent post about jinoe getting a defective +P8k shoe partly inspired this one.

uh oh! here goes some useless bit of trivia. i fiddled with excel just to find out for myself.

given the table, if i ran 10km, it would've cost my shoe about P142.90 to P166.70 since i think it's going to last just between 300-350km with the partially faded heel.

if ultrapat did that 32km imus-tagaytay lone route on a P6k nike that would last around 400km (just assuming here), it would've cost P480 on his shoes for that run alone.


of course, of course! running addicts would know that it's still much better & wiser to get a decent shoe rather than face a higher risk of running-related injuries, which would potentially take a hit on your regular running spree.


now, after this quick, useless trivia bit...who says running is expensive? :)



ang tawag sayo ay ADIK wahaha ang kulit ng analysis mo bry! ibang level! hahaha

trumanian said...

hahaha nakatunganga nga ako after this post. di ko alam kung ba't ko pa 'to ginawa. :P hehe

Gingerbreadman said...

Ayos to Bry ah ibang level :) May talent! Hehehe impressive! :P


trumanian said...

luis, i was thinking nga na some running shoe company might promote this way later on... "the shoe that would cost you only P10.00/KM, 2x better than the leading shoe! grab your pair now!" with proven studies & all. :D hahaha

Anonymous said...

Sir in my understanding, running shoes are supposed to last 300miles to 500miles (482 to 800kms), not 300 to 350kms. Whoever told you 300 to 350Kms must have been confused with the mile to kilometer conversion.


By the way, I was able to use my Lunar Trainers up to 1,023kms.