Monday, July 27, 2009


a lot of things are hard to start off.

i find it convenient to just let the first thought in my mind get me rolling and somehow be spontaneous to keep my brain clear from random thoughts that jump in ahead of what i plan to say in a sentence.

i once said to myself that i would never spend time writing about things that happen to me as i would just move on with what's going to happend without looking back at the past--my old posts.

i do appreciate reading the blog posts of others...discovering their perspectives about life, the people around them, things that happen in wherever, or simply making an effort to share a funny moment. some waiting for comments or number of hits. others giving a dose of their critique for something that they ate, a race, or a recent issue. my objectives posts later on would somehow formulate them for me. in case i get so bored, that might be the time that i would go back & read my old posts to reminisce & refresh on those moments.

this is just going to be about what i feel writing about. i do hope they're going to be mostly happy thoughts as i would like to avoid dwelling on the not-so-happy ones.

welcome to planet trumania. :)

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Anonymous said...

welcome to blogosphere! :) i'm the first commenter! woohoo! :D hahaha! yeah, it's nice blogging about happy thoughts...though, sometimes, it helps to write about the heavier stuff, too...helps ease the burden inside, so to speak :) i actually have a separate blog for my rants...but i'd rather keep that secret ;D anyway, have fun blogging :D