Tuesday, July 28, 2009


this takbo.ph post got my mind churning to recall my first few races and say to myself, "hmmm...i've been comparing how different organizers planned & conducted those runs, and i think it's about time i find out what i consider as either a successful race or a flop."

prior to scrutinizing, i'm making up my own personal criteria as some people give more weight to one factor over another. just to be crystal clear, this is my very own subjective criteria & corresponding weights, and i'm sure most of the other regular runners would have their own say...or weight.

here we go:

15% - Registration - refers to the convenience of registering which covers the accessibility of the registration venues or other options, mode of payment, and ease of registering for the race.

20% - Race pack & take-home goodies - includes everything that goes to you prior to the race like the singlet, bib, map, instructions, useful discount coupons & others...and after the race like freebies, loot bags, or photovendo pics.

15% Pre-race - race day activities prior to gun start...program, timing of activities, hosting, providing instructions to runners, etc.

30% Race proper - actual race that covers the route, race marshals, drink stations in the course, start/finish traffic, and the presence (or absence) of the race timer.

20% Post-race - drinks at the finish line, post-activity gimmicks, & timing of availability of official race results.

This looks in order, at least on my part. :)


Review of races in succeeding posts.


Anonymous said...

looks good...though, i'd probably place more weight on the race pack and take home goodies...like 50% :P hahaha! :) (nice pic, by the way :P)

roo :)

trumanian said...

hahaha :D yeah, i'd understand that a lot of people would place a lot of weight on the stuff that's left with them after the race. :) meow!