Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i had a flat tire on a monday morning and it took a long while--early afternoon--before it got fixed. apparently, the added security lock for the spare tire couldn't be unlocked, so the flat tire had to be removed with a second jack because the one that came with the vehicle couldn't be used because the tire was completely deflated so the original jack won't fit.

this post would hopefully serve as a reminder for me to go to toyota this week to have the 'security' lock unlocked.

today, i got flagged by a mandaluyong traffic enforcer at 3:10pm for color coding violation. i still wonder why they call it 'color' instead of 'number'. anyway, after being asked 3 times if it was okay for him to give me a ticket & take away my license, he finally gave me one. he didn't see any signs that i was going to propose an "alternative" solution, probably.

another reminder...get my driver's license on thursday or friday from mandaluyong city hall.

i had to laugh as soon as i drove off after receiving the ticket. i'm still chirpy and i'm not going to let these things ruin my week. :)

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Anonymous said...

:P i must say, this week's starting off on a weird foot for me, too :) i just hope i can stay as "chirpy" as you :) thanks for adding the roo... after all, if social network acquaintances, neighbors and complete strangers are there, surely the roo's got to be there, too, don't you think? :)